Top 5 series I want to finish in 2020

Harry Potter Series

I started this book series last year because my daughter begged me to read it. Its a good series, I read 1-4 but do to life I haven’t been able to read the rest. I hope I can finish it this year.

Shatter Me Series

I remember seen this book and being by it because of the eye. Remember thinking how mysterious and gorgeous the cover were. I picked them up because of it. I know, I know. You should never judge a book by its cover but I did and I’m glad I did it. Because I picked what happen to become one of my favorite series ever. The only book I need to read now is Imagine Me which comes out now on March.

The Dark Tower Series

Ok this series. I loved book one, two and three but book 4 ( wizard & Glass) took me nearly 2 years to finish. I couldn’t enjoy it which made me want to take a break from the whole series for a bit. But I think I’m ready to continue it now.

The Black Witch Chronicles

I picked The Black Witch for a monthly read last year. It was my first time hearing about it and I fell in love with the story. The Iron flower how ever has became my absolute favorite of the series. Now I am waiting for The Shadow Wand to come out now in 2020. I’m so excited!

The Dark Tide Series

This series is on my top 5 of favorite series! Is amazing! Pirates, siren, witch, romance what’s not to like? Its action pack series and I cant wait till the newest one come out. Candace Osmond knows how to tell a story!

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