The Vagabond Mother

Tracey Scott-Townsend

Not every Vagabond is a Castaway… Maya Galen’s oldest son, Jamie, left home eight years ago after a massive row with his parents and now Joe, her youngest child and apple of her eye, has cut off all contact with them too.

Called to Australia to identify the body of a young man, Maya is given her son’s journal. After a sleepless night she decides that the only thing she can do is follow in Joe’s footsteps and try to discover her most basic human self. Eschewing a monetary lifestyle, from now on she must rely on her physical and emotional strength to survive.
Following Joe’s hand-drawn maps and journal entries, she travels from Australia to Denmark and beyond, meeting many other travellers along the way and learning valuable lessons.
Eventually a crisis forces her to return home and confront the end of her marriage, but also a new understanding of what family, in the widest sense, really means.

Exploring the big questions at the heart of human existence, The Vagabond Mother shares territory with books and films such as Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, The Way, starring Martin Sheen, Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found by Cheryl Strayed and Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here is the buy link if interested

Great Kids Don’t Just Happen Tour Blog

Great Kids Don’t Just Happen

If there are children in your life, you need Dr. Smolen’s research and wisdom!

Physically and emotionally healthy children are Great Kids. They are happier when young and thrive as adults.

Pediatrician Dr. Paul Smolen identifies five essential parenting elements which help develop happy and successful kids.
In Great Kids Don’t Just Happen you will learn how to use those elements and nurture the children in your life.

The author’s observations and advice are supported by scientific studies referenced throughout the book and personal observations from his many years of practice as a pediatrician. The five essential elements and how to apply them are made easy to understand in the warm words of one who knows, practices, and teaches from research, observation, and experience.

Learn how to provide:

  • Realistic praise
  • Consistent limits
  • A healthy emotional environment
  • Strong parental commitment
  • Stability

Dr. Smolen’s research and wisdom are sure to be of great help for your family and loved ones.

About the Author

Dr Paul Smolen,

also known as Doc Smo by his friends, is a pediatrician with 33 years of experience caring for children and families. He is the creator and curator of the popular pediatric blog, He is a graduate of Duke University (1974), Rutgers Medical School (1978), and Wake Forest University-N.C. Baptist Hospital (1982). At Wake Forest University he completed a residency in general pediatrics, served as chief resident, and completed a fellowship in ambulatory pediatrics. He became board certified in the American Academy of Pediatrics (1983) and completed his MOC in 2014. For the last 33 years, he has been an Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, helping to train a generation of medical students and pediatric residents as well as author several research papers. In February 2015, he published his parenting book called, Can Doesn’t Mean Should, Essential Knowledge for 21st Century Parents. He is currently a practicing pediatrician in Charlotte, NC.

Recent News:

The pediatric blog becomes one of the most successful pediatric blogs on the internet, currently with 40,000 visits/month.

Can Doesn’t Mean Should is referred to in psychologist John Rosemond’s syndicated column, April 2015, as an “Excellent resource” for parents.

South Charlotte Weekly does a featured article about Can Doesn’t Mean Should, April 2015.

The Duke University library, Doc Smo’s alma mater, acquires a copy of Can Doesn’t Mean Should- April 2015.

Win one of 5 ebooks (gifted-Kindle) of GREAT KIDS DON’T JUST HAPPEN by Dr. Paul Smolen (five winners) (Open Internationally) Giveaway ends: 12/6/2019

If anyone is interested on purchase the book here is the link

My Netgally Shelf

I love signing for free books to read. There are some books that I fall in love or get supper interested on as a first impression. But later on I don’t want to read. This are four books that wont make my to read list. And four I cant wait to read

1) The Curse of Sara Douroux by C.A. Wittman


A gothic tale of horror, secrets, and an unimaginable past…

In a remote island community, Sara lives with her deeply religious elderly parents. Discouraged from building friendships in school, she leads a quiet, secluded life, but when the family is forced to take in four mysterious young cousins, Sara’s world turns tumultuous.

Something wicked, something dark has Sara’s family in its grip. An insidious terror will soon sweep through the small valley where Sara lives, threatening the lives of her neighbors. In a race to learn the truth of who her cousins really are, Sara forms a tenuous friendship with an unlikely pair: Jenny, a shy newcomer to the island, and Sunami, a tomboyish local girl. As the girls discover a chilling truth, they realize to their horror that time is running out and some secrets should never be disturbed.

This one seem to have so many low reviews. I never really let that change my mind on what to read but I lost interest on this one.

2) The Old Man’s Request by Joab Stieglitz


Fifty years ago, a group of college friends dabbled in the occult and released a malign presence on the world. Now, on his deathbed, the last of the students enlists the aid of three newcomers to banish the thing they summoned.

Hampered by the old man’s greedy son, the wizened director of the university library, and a private investigator with a troubled past, can Russian anthropologist Anna Rykov, Doctor Harry Lamb, and Father Sean O’Malley gather the knowledge and resources needed to defeat the entity?

The Old Man’s Request is a pulp adventure set in the 1920s, and the first part of the Utgarda Trilogy.

This one just didn’t held my attention. I got bored with it and I DNF it.

3) Grace, Not Perfection. Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy by Emily Ley


I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.

As a busy wife, new mother, business owner, and designer, Emily Ley came to a point when she suddenly realized she couldn’t do it all. She needed to simplify her life, organize her days, and prioritize the priorities. She decided to hold herself to a standard of grace rather than perfection. This mantra led to the creation of her bestselling Simplified Planner®, a favorite among busy women everywhere—from mamas to executives and everywhere in between.

Grace, Not Perfection takes this message from a daily planner to an inspirational book that encourages women to simplify and prioritize. Designed with Emily Ley’s signature aesthetic, this book gives women tangible ways to simplify their lives to give space to what matters most. With a focus on faith, Emily reminds readers that God abundantly pours out grace on us—and that surely we can extend grace to ourselves.

Have you been told you can have it all, only to end up exhausted and occasionally out of sorts with the people you love? Are you ready for a new way of seeing your time? Learn to live a little more simply. Hold yourself and those you love to a more life-giving standard in Grace Not Perfection,and allow that grace to seep into your days, your family, and your heart.

Cute Story, Cute cover but definitely not my type of book. I gave it a try but it didn’t held my attention

4. Cherry Scones & Broken Bones. A Very Cherry Mystery #2 by Darci Hannah

At the Cherry Orchard Inn, “Cherry scones to die for” turns out to be all too true

Tainted by a recent murder, the Cherry Orchard Inn is struggling to attract guests―until celebrated portrait painter Silvia Lumiere books a room for the summer. Whitney Bloom, the inn’s new manager, can’t believe her good luck. Between her scrumptious cherry scones and the painter’s remarkable talent, the inn swiftly becomes the center of the Cherry Cove art scene.

However, all is not the bowl of cherries it appears. There’s a rotten core in the portrait painter that only Whitney and her friends can see. And just as Whitney’s baking skills and patience are pushed to their limits, another death occurs at the inn. With all fingers pointing at her, Whitney realizes it will take all her cherry-tastic talents to bake her way out of this one.

Includes recipes!

I didn’t realize this was the second book of the series and I haven’t read the first one yet.

The Ones I cant wait to read

1)The Orphan Thief by Glynis Peters


From the internationally bestselling author of The Secret Orphan

When all seems lost…

As Hitler’s bombs rain down on a battered and beleaguered Britain, Ruby Shadwell is dealt the most devastating blow – her entire family lost during the Coventry Blitz.

Hope still survives…

Alone and with the city in chaos, Ruby is determined to survive this war and rebuild her life. And a chance encounter with street urchin Tommy gives Ruby just the chance she needs. 

And love will overcome…

Because Tommy brings with him Canadian Sergeant Jean-Paul Clayton. Jean-Paul is drawn to Ruby and wants to help her, but Ruby cannot bear another loss. Can love bloom amidst the ruins? Or will the war take Ruby’s last chance at happiness too?

This is a sweeping historical romance filled with hope and resilience, perfect for fans of Christina Baker Kline, Soraya M. Lane and Shirley Dickson.

2)You Too? 25 Voices Share Their #MeToo Storie by Janet Gurtler


A timely and heartfelt collection of essays inspired by the #MeToo movement, edited by acclaimed author Janet Gurtler. Featuring Beth Revis, Mackenzi Lee, Ellen Hopkins, Saundra Mitchell, Jennifer Brown, Cheryl Rainfield and many more.

When #MeToo went viral, Janet Gurtler was among the millions of people who began to reflect on her past experiences. Things she had reluctantly accepted—male classmates groping her at recess, harassment at work—came back to her in startling clarity. She needed teens to know what she had not: that no young person should be subject to sexual assault, or made to feel unsafe, less than or degraded.

You Too? was born out of that need. By turns thoughtful and explosive, these personal stories encompass a wide range of experiences and serve as a reminder to readers that they, too, have a voice worthy of being heard—and that only by listening and working together can we create change.

3) Home Erring and Outcast Girls by Julie Kibler


An emotionally raw and resonant story of love, loss, and the enduring power of friendship, following the lives of two young women connected by a home for “fallen girls,” and inspired by historical events.
Home for Erring and Outcast Girls deftly reimagines the wounded women who came seeking a second chance and a sustaining hope.—Lisa Wingate, author of Before We Were Yours

In turn-of-the-20th century Texas, the Berachah Home for the Redemption and Protection of Erring Girls is an unprecedented beacon of hope for young women consigned to the dangerous poverty of the streets by birth, circumstance, or personal tragedy. Built in 1903 on the dusty outskirts of Arlington, a remote dot between Dallas and Fort Worth’s red-light districts, the progressive home bucks public opinion by offering faith, training, and rehabilitation to prostitutes, addicts, unwed mothers, and “ruined” girls without forcibly separating mothers from children. When Lizzie Bates and Mattie McBride meet there—one sick and abused, but desperately clinging to her young daughter, the other jilted by the beau who fathered her ailing son—they form a friendship that will see them through unbearable loss, heartbreak, difficult choices, and ultimately, diverging paths.

A century later, Cate Sutton, a reclusive university librarian, uncovers the hidden histories of the two troubled women as she stumbles upon the cemetery on the home’s former grounds and begins to comb through its archives in her library. Pulled by an indescribable connection, what Cate discovers about their stories leads her to confront her own heartbreaking past, and to reclaim the life she thought she’d let go forever. With great pathos and powerful emotional resonance, Home for Erring and Outcast Girls explores the dark roads that lead us to ruin, and the paths we take to return to ourselves.

4) A Death in Harlem A Novel by Karla FC Holloway


In A Death in Harlem, famed scholar Karla Holloway weaves a mystery in the bon vivant world of the Harlem Renaissance. Taking as her point of departure the tantalizingly ambiguous “death by misadventure” at the climax of Nella Larsen’s 1929 best-selling novel Passing, Holloway takes readers back to the sunlit boulevards and shaded sidestreets of Jazz Age New York. A murder there will test the mettle, resourcefulness, and intuition of Harlem’s first “colored” policeman, Weldon Haynie Thomas.

Clear glass towers rising in Manhattan belie a city where people are often not what they seem. For some here, identity is a performance of passing—passing for another race, for another class, for someone safe to trust. Thomas’s investigation illuminates the societies and secret societies, the intricate code of manners, the world of letters, and the broad social currents of 1920’s Harlem.

A Death in Harlem is an exquisitely crafted, briskly paced, and impeccably stylish journey back to a time still remembered as a peak of American glamour. It introduces Holloway as a fresh voice in storytelling and Weldon Haynie Thomas as an endearing and unforgettable detective.


Karla FC Holloway is James. B. Duke Professor (Emerita) of English and Law at Duke University, where her research and teaching included African American literary and cultural studies, bioethics, gender, and law. She is the author of eight books, including Passed On: African-American Mourning Stories, Private Bodies/Public Texts: Race, Gender, and a Cultural Bioethics, and Legal Fictions: Constituting Race, Composing Literatures.

Cozy Mysteries for winter 2019

Cozy mysteries, also referred to as “cozies”, are a subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously, and the crime and detection take place in a small, socially intimate community.

There is nothing better than sitting on a comfy chair with a blanket. coffee or tea and a nice cozy book. So here are some of my go to cozy Mysteries.

1). Murder at Hatfield House

1558. Kate Haywood, a simple musician in the employ of a princess, will find herself involved in games of crowns as she sets out to solve the murder of the queen’s envoy….

England is in tumult under the rule of Queen Mary and her Spanish husband. Confined to house arrest at Hatfield House, young Princess Elizabeth is the country’s greatest hope. Far from court intrigues, Elizabeth finds solace in simple things: the quiet countryside and peaceful recreation, including the melodies of her chief musician and his daughter, Kate Haywood.

But Kate will prove herself most valuable when an envoy of the queen—sent to flush out heretics in the princess’s household—is found dead on the grounds of Hatfield. Acting as Elizabeth’s eyes and ears, Kate is sent out on the trail of a killer whose mission could destroy her family, friends—and the future of England.

2.) Delicious and Suspicious

Welcome to Aunt Pat’s barbecue restaurant, which serves up Memphis fun with a side order of murder.

Recipes included.

Named in honor of Lulu Taylor’s great aunt, Aunt Pat’s family-run Memphis restaurant is known for its ribs and spicy cornbread. But now the Taylor family will be known for murder…

Rebecca Adrian came to Memphis to suss out the best local BBQ for a prominent Cooking Channel Show. Trouble is, a mystery ingredient has killed her-and now all fingers are pointing to Aunt Pat’s restaurant. Horrified that her family is being accused of murder, Lulu fires up her investigative skills to solve the crime before someone else gets skewered.

3. Pouncing on Murder

Welcome to Aunt Pat’s barbecue restaurant, which serves up Memphis fun with a side order of murder.

Recipes included.

Named in honor of Lulu Taylor’s great aunt, Aunt Pat’s family-run Memphis restaurant is known for its ribs and spicy cornbread. But now the Taylor family will be known for murder…

Rebecca Adrian came to Memphis to suss out the best local BBQ for a prominent Cooking Channel Show. Trouble is, a mystery ingredient has killed her-and now all fingers are pointing to Aunt Pat’s restaurant. Horrified that her family is being accused of murder, Lulu fires up her investigative skills to solve the crime before someone else gets skewered.

4). Painted lady

Retired physical therapist James P. Dandy embarks on another Elderhostel adventure with his ladylove, artist Dodee Swisher, this time a long the old Santa Fe Trail. But before the trip even get underway, he sees a Native American woman plunge tp her death from a Denver rooftop.

Jim suspects that the woman, as shaman believed to possess a priceless Mayan Artifact, was pushed. Soon it’s clear somebody thinks Jim Knows there whereabouts of the statue- a gold diamond-encrusted falcon. It’s a misconception that is becoming dangerous to both Jim and Dodee’s well-being.

Another grisly murder occurs on the historic trail through the Wild West. and mysteries old and new find Jim caught in a shoot-out in Cimarron with a killer determined to make this Dandy’s Last Stand.

Button & Lace by Penelope Sky


I owe him a debt.

A big one.

The payment can’t be settled with money or favors.

He only wants one thing.


Every action gets a reward. A button. Once I fill his jar with three hundred and sixty-five buttons, he’ll let me go.

He’ll let me walk away.

But I have to earn every single one.

By submitting to the darkest, cruelest, and most beautiful man I’ve ever known.

** TRIGGER WARNING ** There are some dark and disturbing scenes of abuse and punishment.

My Thought

Ok, first of all I found this books in my library and they called my attention. At first I thought it was just one of those books with a lot of romance and sex on it. I wasn’t expecting what I had to endure reading this book.

what I like

This is my first time reading anything by Penelope Sky and I absolutely loved her writing style. She had a way with words andthe story drags you in from the beginning.

What I dislike

As much as I loved her writing style I absoluty hated the context of this book to the point that I found my self a few times while reading it debating on weather I would finish it or not. I know, I’m weird.

This book talks about sexual trafficking, slaving women, has a lot of talk of sexual abuse and violence. I could read a book with one horrible scene of a girl getting rape and not get as trigger as this whole book made me feel. The things that Pearl had to endure made me I’ll.

I can’t say it was horrible but I can say it wasn’t for me.

I give this book two out of five bookstacks 📚 📚

The Bucket List Tag

This tag was created by Serenity Books. I wasn’t really tagged by anyone but I really wanted to participate on this.

Bucket List Tag

I have seen this tag floating around and thought it looked like like a lot of fun so thought I would give it a whirl!

The rules are as follows:

  • Write the rules in your post
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Write ten things that you wish to do in the future
  • Tag 5 other bloggers to do this tag

Jingle Bell Book Tag

It’s time for the first holiday tag of the year!

“All I Want For Christmas Is You…” – What book do you want to see under the Christmas Tree?

I actually found out about The Black Witch Chronicles a month ago and I read them in less than a week. It was The Black Witch, The Iron Flower and some Novellas. The Shadow Wand is coming out next year and I cant wait! But I would love the others books as a present this year

“Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time…” –  What book that you have read this year have you enjoyed the most?

I can choose only one! This year I have read many awesome books! Is hard to pick! I can give you some choices

Elf – What book unleashes your inner child?

This most definitely would be The Never Ending Story. I absolutely loved that book since I was a little girl and I still do right now.

“It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” – Which book has most festive look to it?

This is the most festive book I have. I don’t really read Christmas books. Although I sing up to some tours this years. Will finally try some of those books 🙂

The Grinch – Your favourite villain…

Aaron Warner of course!!!!! Shatter me serious! He is yummy! ❤

The Holiday – Name your favourite TWO couples…

Yvan And Elloren Of course! Such a beautiful couple <3<3 ❤

What book would you like to give as a present to your followers?

I would love my followers to read A Monster Calls. Is so beautiful and heart breaking all at once. This book made me cry but I absolutely loved it!

This was fun! I want to tag people but I don’t know how. fell free to participate though.