This is where it ends/ review

10:00 a.m. The principal of Opportunity High School finishes her speech, welcoming the entire student body to a new semester and encouraging them to excel and achieve.

10:02 a.m. The students get up to leave the auditorium for their next class.

10:03 a.m. The auditorium doors won’t open.

10:05 a.m. Someone starts shooting.

Told from four different perspectives over the span of fifty-four harrowing minutes, terror reigns as one student’s calculated revenge turns into the ultimate game of survival.

My Thoughts

Ok let me start by saying how amazing this book is, which is why I cant understand why it has so many negative reviews. This book is different from all the books I read and it hit me hard. I’m always scared that something like this might happen in real life at my daughters school, because lets face is we live in dangerous times and we see news of school shootings all over the net.

This book was raw, real and very heartbreaking but this story needs to be told. Students, teachers, parents, we all have to read this. We all have to feel this emotions. To me this book was an eye opener not to the fact that is happening, we already knew this but because it open my eyes and I saw this on the victims point of view.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookstacks 📚📚📚📚📚

About The Author

Marieke Nijkamp a storyteller, dreamer, globe-trotter, geek. She’s the author of THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS and the forthcoming BEFORE I LET GO.


Product description
Girl in Pieces meets Moxie in this unflinching exploration of all the hurts young women endure.

The girls at North Bay Academy are taking sides. It all started when Mike Parker’s girlfriend showed up with a bruise on her face. Or, more specifically, when she walked into the principal’s office and said Mike hit her. But the students have questions: Why did she go to the principal and not the police? Why did she stay so long if he was hurting her? Obviously, if it’s true, Mike should be expelled. But is it true? Some girls want to rally for his expulsion – and some want to rally around Mike. The only thing that the entire student body can agree on? Someone is lying. And the truth has to come out.

About the Author
Alyssa Sheinmel is the New York Times bestselling author of several novels for young adults including A Danger to Herself and Others and Faceless. She is the co-author of the The Haunting of Sunshine Girl . Follow Alyssa on Instagram @alyssasheinmel and Twitter @AlyssaSheinmel or visit her online at

Review 5/5 bookstacks 📚📚📚📚📚

Omg! Ok first of all this book made me so angry. Angrier to the point that I wanted to smash my Kindle but not because of the author or because of the story. I was angry at Mike. I was angry at Maya’s situation. I was angry at the school and everything that happen after Maya spoke to the principal. I been there, I know how it feels but unlike Maya I never found my voice, I just let things go. This is an excellent story, and I’m proud of Maya for finding her voice.

A step away Review


Three friends, Brianna, Sean, and Robert, happen across a body buried in their neighborhood.
Because a police investigation might reveal that the trio is connected to a stolen motor and that Sean’s mother was having a relationship with a neighbor, the friends decide they must solve the apparent murder before contacting authorities.
In the process, they sneak into a house, befriend a vigilant neighbor with autism spectrum disorder and develop a friendship with a kind older man. Brianna becomes convinced that clues point to Sean’s father and realizes their detective work is doing more harm than good. She makes tough choices that affect families and friendships.

My Thoughts

Very dissapointed on this book. I was expecting more out of this book. It started good and then it slowdown making it so boring. Sean was a bully, Brianna and Robert were just dumb. I couldn’t decide if the kids were brave or simply stupid. I leaned more towards stupid. I feel like I wasted my time reading this hoping something better was going to happen. The ending was dissapointing as well. 😓😓😓
2 out of 5 stars 🌟🌟

The Forgetting Flower: Review

Secrets and half-truths. These litter Renia Baranczka’s past, but the city of Paris has offered an escape and the refuge of a dream job. The specialty plant shop buzzes with activity and has brought her to a new friend, Alain. His presence buffers the guilt that keeps her up at night, dwelling on the endless replays of what happened to her sister.

All too suddenly, the City of Light seems more sinister when Alain turns up dead. His demise threatens every secret Renia holds dear, including the rare plant hidden in the shop’s tiny nook. It emits a special fragrance that can erase a person’s memory—and perhaps much more than that.

As Renia races to figure out the extent of the plant’s powers, she’s confronted by figures from her past who offer a proposal she can’t outright refuse. Bit by bit, she descends into a menacing underworld of blackmarket mobsters, navigating threats and fending off abuse to protect the safe peaceful life she’s worked so hard for. Desperate to outwit her enemies, Renia maneuvers carefully, knowing one wrong move will destroy not only the plant, but the lives of her sister and herself.

My Thoughts

I was given this book from NetGalley as an exchange for my honest review. I check the reviews before I began reading it and I was supper excited from all the great reviews I saw. How ever I didn’t enjoyed it as much as other people. It was supper slow for me. I enjoyed the plot idea. It was a good one but it seems the author took way too long in backstories that I wasn’t really interested on. 3/5 bookstacks.

Author Kasey Conley Story Episodes

One of my author friends decided to do a story by episodes on her own blog and well I wanted to help her share it. This is going to be on Sundays. Here is the first episode.

Episode 1- Kasey Conley

On a rainy, gloomy, terrible day I sat on my ass and did nothing. I did nothing so hard and well, I fell asleep. Whilst in my slumber, I dreamt of a time when life was just… happy. Joy wasn’t something I felt much so I stayed. The world I lived in was beautiful and bright. There weren’t always rainbows in the sky, but there wasn’t always the pain that I felt in the real world either.  
One day, in my dream world, a man showed up. He had dark hair and eyes, a smile as beautiful and bright as a sunset, and a voice that could make anyone drop their jaw. The thick accent was straight out of London and a big plus too. He just walked into my dream house like he owned it, seeming to be shocked when I noticed him, then sat down with a coffee mug. Just sat there and his confusion morphed into a smile, until I asked who he was and why he was in my house. 

“I’m your dream man, darling.” He answered.  

“My dream man? I didn’t know I dreamt of a man.”  

He stood, his frame tall and built. He then bent and the waist in a small bow and added a flourish with his hand. “Bray Daniels at your service.” 

“Daniels? As in Jack?” I asked. It sounded made up to me.

“It’s your name, dear,” He chuckled. 

“My dream man has a dream name?” No way was I that into Jack Daniels. 

He smiled bigger. “Of course, how else am I to introduce myself?”  

My arms crossed over my chest. “What if I don’t want a man?”  I liked my independence and my house the way I had it, thank you very much.

He shrugged. “I guess I could just leave.” Setting his mug down, he walked towards the door. 

Holy shit, he was serious! “W..wait,” I stuttered shyly. “I guess I don’t have anyone else to talk to here and I’m just out of people practice. Please, stay.”  

He paused with his hand on the door. “You didn’t dream up a man, remember?” The hurt in his voice was plain as day.  

I walked him and touched his arm. “If I didn’t dream you, what are you doing here?”  

He turned slowly to bring his roughened hands to cup my face. “To love you as no one has. Whether you dreamt me up or not, I was made to love you.” And then, just as his lips were going to caress mine…  

I woke up

They Come At Night by Nick Clausen / Review

Four teenagers. A cottage by the beach. A scary secret kept by the locals.
And those who come at night …

A classic teen horror story in a gothic setting told in a modern voice, They Come at Night was originally published in Danish to great reviews, and is now available in English.


“Fun, creepy and thrilling! Wauw, it was a good book!”
★★★★★ The Book Experience

“A refreshing read that will quench any book lovers’ thirst for horror”
★★★★★ Price Girls

“A true pleasure to read—I just couldn’t put it down!”
★★★★★ Goodreads Reviewer

They Come at Night has everything for fans of horror, mystery, thrills and suspense. It’s direct, funny and scary. For fans of The Fog, The Mist, Dead Sea and Lovecraftian tales. Try it instead of watching a cheesy B-movie!


The storm whipped cold raindrops into my face, making it hard to see. Lightning was flashing all around me, and the thunder grew louder with each clap.
    Finally, I saw the lights from the windows. I snuck around the back, and through the window, I saw Chris lying on his bed, playing on his computer. I tapped the glass gently. He turned his head and looked directly at me, his eyes widening.
    I waved and signaled for him to come and open the window.
    He got up, but instead of coming to the window, he went to a drawer and took something out. He came over and opened the window ajar. “What do you want?” he asked, giving me a suspicious look.
    “I just want to talk,” I said, pulling up my collar. I was soaked to the bone. “Would you please open it all the way?”
    “You’re not coming in,” Chris said. He leaned forward and looked down at my feet. “And I won’t talk to you before you touch this …”
    The thing he had been hiding behind his back was, of course, an anchor. He stuck it out the window.
    “Sure, no problem.” I took the anchor, turning it over. “Satisfied?”
    He nodded and looked a little bit less uneasy. “Give it back to me, please.”
    I handed him back the anchor, and he opened the window all the way.
    “Was that some sort of test?” I asked.
    “Yes,” Chris said. “And you passed. I had to be sure you hadn’t become one of them.”
    “Who is ‘them’?” I asked. “You have to tell me what you know, Chris. I think we might be in danger.”
    “If you put up the anchor like I told you—”
    “We didn’t put up the anchor!” I interrupted.
    Chris’s eyes gleamed with fear.
    “Tell me what the hell is going on around here!” I demanded.
    “All right,” Chris said. “But keep your voice down.” He chewed his lip for a moment. Then, he started talking. “I don’t know when it started. Maybe it has always been like this. But you and your friends chose the worst time to come here. It only happens once a year, and never more than three nights in a row.”
    “What happens?” I whispered.
    “The tide, of course. It floods the whole area. But I guess you noticed by now. Everyone around here knows about it. We put up plenty of anchors, though, so no harm can come to us.”
    “Who is trying to harm you?” I asked. “Who are they?”
    Chris was about to answer, when lightning flashed, illuminating everything for a split second. The thunderclap followed immediately.
    “They are lost souls,” he whispered. “They have been cursed to live in the ocean …”

My Thoughts

This is the second book I read from this author. Its a quick easy read but one that makes your heart race. This book is about 4 teenagers who stole the keys of a cabin in the beach. But there was a darkness surrounded that area. Secrets that the people living there would not talk about. Now they must fight for their life but worst yet they will have to fight against each other.

I absolutely loved this book. I am becoming a huge fan of this author. I can’t wait to read more from him. I recommend this book, you wont regret reading it 🙂

I give this book 5/5 📚📚📚📚📚 bookstacks

About the author

About Nick Clausen

Began writing at the age of 18 with a promise of doing 1,000 words a day until he got a book published. Kept that promise 18 months and 13 manuscripts later. Done almost 30 books since then. Lived as a full-time writer since 2017. Began translating his books into English in 2019. Prefer horror, fantasy and sci-fi. Reside in Denmark. Is inspired by the stories of Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Thomas Harris.

A Murder On Jane Street Blog Tour/Review and Guest Post

Print Length: 410 pages
Publisher: The Wild Harp & Company, Inc. (July 16, 2019)
Publication Date: July 16, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English


“Family ties tighten and bonds of affection grow stronger as a family is trapped between ruthless forces struggling for the highest stakes: control of a world to be subjected to unimaginable evil. As parents, children and loved ones risk all to protect one another, events accelerate towards a conclusion that is in doubt until the last page is turned. A terrific read!” ―Richard Gid Powers author of The Mystery of the Trinity
“A MURDER ON JANE STREET is a gripping summer thriller filled with history, adventure, and an intriguing mystery. Cathy Cash Spellman will keep readers on the edge of their seat” ―Charles Brokaw, New York Times Bestselling author of The Atlantis Code

Cathy paints a picture with the most radiant phrasing and colorful words! I’m a fan of her books and have read every one of them, always wishing that she’ll write more! That hope was answered with A MURDER ON JANE STREET. This compelling gem of a mystery is also a history, a conspiracy, and a modern-day morality tale rolled into one. Yes there is a murder, deadly secrets and treachery, but at its heart, it’s also about family, friendship and having the courage to do the right thing in the face of nearly insurmountable odds. This brilliant author has created yet another home run! Her narrative, coupled with an edge-of-your-seat contemporary mystery thriller, have characters that warmed my heart and an unexpected ending that I absolutely LOVED! ―Adria de Haume, author of Cross Purpose
“Do NOT read this book unless you are willing to be seduced by a dozen incredibly keen people without whom the world as we know it might cease to exist.” ―K.T. Maclay author of Beginners Guide to Death and Dying in Oaxaca


A brutal murder.
A heinous secret
A deadly conspiracy.

The brutal murder of the little old lady next door puts FitzHugh Donovan on the case. A retired New York City Police Chief, he knows a cover-up when he sees one and his Irish Cop conscience can’t let that happen. 

Now, Fitz, his family and his quirky band of Bleecker Street Irregulars are ensnared in the bizarre secret the woman died to protect.

Is this a 75-year-old cold case turned hot again, or an unspeakable crime-in-progress that could alter the course of the world?

Fitz doesn’t yet know how high the stakes are, that failure isn’t an option, and that the little old lady was so much more than she appeared. But he’s trying to keep everyone alive long enough to find out.

Characters you’ll care about, dark shocking secrets, and disturbing similarities to today’s political scene, will keep you turning pages to an ending you won’t see coming.    



Multiple New York Times and International Bestsellers, a Paramount Movie, book sales in 22 countries, Cathy Cash Spellman writes stories about love, friendship, adventure, and history. Known for her big sprawling sagas and memorable characters, Cathy writes the kind of stories women like to lose themselves in, and then remember long after the book is done. 

Her books range through several genres: contemporary, historical, mystery, mystic and romance. Several take place in two time-frames, both current and historical.

Bless the Child was a Paramount movie in 2000, starring Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits, and Paint The Wind has been optioned for film and TV.

Cathy is an Astrologer, Martial Artist (Black Belt Goju Ryu Karate) and has expertise in Chinese Medicine, several alternative healing modalities and many metaphysical disciplines.

She has written for Self, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Mademoiselle, Cosmo, Penthouse, Mode, Kung Fu and many other magazines about women, health, empowerment, sexuality, spiritual philosophy and Astrology. She blogs for The Huffington Post and The New York Times.  


TWITTER: @CCashSpellman  


My Thoughts

First I will like to thank the Author Cathy Cash for the opportunity to read this book and for sending me a signed ARC copy.

First thing I saw was the cover, the caught my attention right away!

Fitzhugh Donovan, former police chief, received an odd request from the “Old Lady” next door. It seems she had received a threatening letter and she wanted him to know why she was about to be murdered. After giving him a tattered old journal, she asked him to come back later that evening. But unfortunately, before he was able to return, she was found tortured and then murdered.

I loved everything about this book. The mystery, love trying to guess what happen to old lady next door. Who killed her and why? This was a page turner for sure, one I couldn’t put down and I loved every minute of it. This is my first read from this author and it wont be the last one.

Ten reasons to read A MURDER ON JANE STREET.

  • It’s exciting!  It unearths murder, a heinous secret and a deadly conspiracy.
  • All members of a loving family (3 generations) help each other solve the mystery and stay alive! 
  • Greenwich Village is full of quirky characters – I’ve tried to capture as many as possible!
  • It’s both mystery and history – a murder now, a motive from then, and a trail of dangerous breadcrumbs in between.
  • The characters grab you by the heartstrings because they have each other’s backs.
  • There are several strong female characters of different ages from 22 to 96!
  • It has disturbing echoes of today’s political scene.
  • It tells dark, shocking secrets about WWII.