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This is my stop during the blog tour for The Incarn Saga by Katharine E. Wibell. The Incarn Saga is a four book young adult/ new adult fantasy series inspired by ancient myths and filled with fast-paced action and adventure.

This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 20 January till 2 February. See the tour schedule here.

Issaura’s Claws by Katharine E. WibellIssaura’s Claws (The Incan Saga #1)
By Katharine E. Wibell
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: Young Adult, New Adult

According to legend, when the world was young, the goddess Issaura appeared among men. Those who treated her with kindness received the gift of the gods—the ability to transform into an animal form. This was a great honor but one that separated this race from other humans. Before Issaura departed the mortal realm, she promised to return if her people were ever at the point of destruction.

Now a threat is rising from a land across the mists of the ocean, a threat that will push this race to the brink of extinction. Responding to the call to war, seventeen-year-old Lluava heads off to find her destiny, one that will carve her name in history.

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Ullr's FangsUllr’s Fangs (The Incarn Saga #2)
By Katharine E. Wibell
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: New Adult

According to legend, when the world was young, two gods of war — one male, one female — were destined for each other. Yet Ullr, forever unfaithful, lost the love of Issaura, his true match, and was forsworn. His violent anger and bitter rage grew and intensified, poisoning all creation and humanity.

Now that the Raiders’ long ships have faded from sight, the kingdom of Elysia is beginning to recover from the summer’s war with the brutal invaders from across the sea. Yet darker forces have taken root, forces that can alter the future of the land and its people in unthinkable ways. Seventeen-year-old Lluava must discover the means to prevent her world from collapsing. But in doing so, will she succumb to that darkness?

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Crocotta's HacklesCrocotta’s Hackles (The Incarn Saga #3)
By Katharine E. Wibell
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: New Adult

According to legend, when the world was young, Crocotta, Queen of the Gods, discovered her mate’s faithlessness. She vowed to prevent future threats to all matrimonial pacts henceforward, but for her it was too late. The child born from the illicit coupling was a warrior goddess—one whom Crocotta would seek to destroy throughout eternity.

Now that the Raiders’ elite army is threatening the kingdom of Elysia’s northern borders, seventeen-year-old Lluava must leave the familiarity and safety of her native land to venture into the wilderness. Her mission is to discover others like her who will come to Elysia’s aid; her hope is to unravel the secrets behind what it means to be Incarn. But what she finds could destroy everything./

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Giahem's TalonsGiahem’s Talons (The Incarn Saga #4)
By Katharine E. Wibell
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: New Adult

According to legend, when the world was young, Giahem, King of the Gods, realized that the pantheon was on the verge of self-destruction due to his own actions. To protect his favorite child, he hid the infant and gave her a false name in the hope that she would survive—a name that would forever be associated with the young goddess: Issaura.

Now, the capital has fallen to the Outlanders, the king has been overthrown, and the Raiders have entered the kingdom of Elysia in full force. Eighteen-year-old Lluava must flee in order to survive. After all the losses she has endured, the battles she has fought and won to no avail, she must face the worst fact of all: that she alone is responsible for the kingdom’s demise. Will she ever be able to rectify her wrongs?

You can find Giahem’s Talons on Goodreads

You can buy Giahem’s Talons here on Amazon

Awards for the Incarn Saga book series to date:
Issaura’s Claws:
2018 New Apple Book Awards Solo Medalist Winner for Children’s/Young Adult eBook
2018 Fantasy/Paranormal Fiction Fist Place Winner by Epic eBook Awards
2018 Young Adult Fiction Gold Winner for Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards
2018 2nd place winner for the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction eBook

Ullr’s Fangs:
2019 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist for New Adult
2019 November Gold Metal Award by Literary Titan

Crocotta’s Hackles:
2019 New Adult Fiction Gold Winner by Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Award

Katharine E WibellAbout the Author:
Katharine Wibell’s lifelong interest in mythology includes epic poetry like the Odyssey, Ramayana, Beowulf, and the Nibelungenlied. In addition, she is interested in all things animal whether training dogs, apprenticing at a children’s zoo, or caring for injured animals as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. After receiving degrees from Mercer University in both art and psychology with an emphasis in animal behavior, Wibell moved to New Orleans with her dog, Alli, to kick start her career as an artist and a writer. Her first literary works blend her knowledge of the animal world with the world of high fantasy.

You can find and contact Katharine here:
Website blog

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Author Interview

What inspired you to start writing?

  • For as long as I can remember, I have created characters, story lines, and backstories. As children, my sister and I engaged in imaginary play consisting of multiple worlds filled with all sorts of creatures that became the foundation of our very own epic adventures. When I got older, the idea of writing about richly developed worlds and vibrant, three-dimensional beasts and beings felt natural. Interestingly, one of my first projects after The Incarn Saga will be based on some of the characters that developed during my childhood games of make-believe.

How long have you been writing?

  • I dabbled with creative writing throughout my childhood, though I never took it seriously until Issaura’s Claws. I started writing the first book of The Incarn Saga series in 2007, when I was seventeen, the age of the female protagonist. I took a hiatus during my college years. However, the story begged to be told, and I began working on the book again after graduation and completed the four-book series last year.

When did you start writing?

  • Issaura’s Claws grew from the seeds planted in the summer of 2007. Taking my writing seriously and pursuing it as a full-time career began in 2014.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

  • I toyed with the idea of writing as a personal hobby as I grew up, but after college, I knew I wanted to publish my stories.

What advice would you give a new writer, someone just starting out?

  • Take a breather. It is going to be a long road, especially if you are an indie author. There is so much to learn above and beyond the creative task of writing and the crucial task of editing that it might seem overwhelming. Seek out someone in the field to use as a resource and mentor when beginning to navigate the world of publishing.

How do you handle writer’s block?

  • I am a person who needs to express herself in multiple interests. When I stall out in my writing, I switch to painting, since I am also a reverse glass painter in New Orleans. This different creative outlet allows me the break I need and the time for my brain to deal with whatever issue my book or plot is having. When I return to writing, I am able to hit the ground running, so to speak.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

  • First, well-developed, complex characters are essential to peak people’s interest. Having a plot with twists and multiple layers is also important, in my opinion. Finally, good editing is key. There is nothing worse when reading a book than to be jarred out of the scene by improper grammar or poor spelling.

What comes first, the plot or characters?

  • That is a good question. My mind works in strange ways. My characters affect the plot just as the plot can twist characters. In my own experience, characters can write themselves into a story, or a new aspect of one of the main characters can reveal itself as he/she attempts to achieve the original objective. So, to answer your question, I really can’t say. For me, they both develop simultaneously.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

  • Each project is different. In The Incarn Saga, both Lluava, the main character, and the shape-shifting military theme developed together. The rest of the story evolved as I worked on fleshing out the plot. In my next young adult series, the characters and the plot/subplots arose from repetition during my childhood play. And I am currently working on an adult novella series that sprang from two different and obscure Nordic myths. I never sit down and say, “What can I create today?” I allow my stories to come to me naturally through whatever inspirational pathways they choose.

How do you come up with the titles to your books?

  • I select the titles after I have written most or all of the first draft. I want them to embody a core aspect or theme of the book without being too obvious at first glance.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

  • I first considered myself a writer when I finally realized that I was going to finish a draft of a novel and had not given up during that period.

Describe your writing space.

  • I write at home though my physical location changes from my office to my living room or my dining room on different days. No matter where I work, I need absolute quiet when I am writing new material although music can be playing during the later stages of editing. Typically, I don’t need much more than my computer. However, for some of my newer, more complex projects, I will erect diagrams or create models of various aspects that pertain to the storyline.

What time of the day do you usually write?

  • The morning is my favorite time of day to develop new text while in the afternoon, I work on editing and/or painting.

Describe a typical writing day.

  • After breakfast (around 9 a.m.), I pour myself a second cup of coffee and work on new material until lunch. If my flow is going well, I will continue into the afternoon. If not, I will switch over to editing one of my other projects or review edits that I receive from my Beta readers or editor. Book layouts and marketing are also done during this time. Around 5 p.m., I call it a day, head to the gym, then take my dog for a walk.

What is the most difficult part about writing for you?

  • Actually, it is motivating myself after a break. Once I publish a book, I give myself at least a week and switch from writing to painting. This allows me some time away from the computer. Starting a new work can be slow to start, especially if it is a sequel in a series because that requires a lot of reintroductions of characters, situations, and worlds. And sometimes, I have to focus on my painting if I have commissions to complete. In that event, it can be hard to pick up a story wherever I left it off.

What was your inspiration for these books?

  • This book series started with Issaura’s Claws. The true origin of the tale came from a dream in which I was a shapeshifting white tiger in a military training camp. The dream stuck with me, and I could not get it out of my head. I kept going back to it over and over for several weeks as the initial plotline developed in my mind. Finally, the only thing I could do was begin to write it all down. I had intended it to be a standalone. While attending a writer’s conference, I was given a challenge that made me look at the book in a new light, and I realized there were actually three more books to come. I will admit that the sequels are all darker and grittier than the first, but I was older by the time I contrived them.

How long did it take you to write it?

  • It is hard to say since I began Issaura’s Claws before I left for college and then took a four-year break. I also had to learn how to navigate the self-publishing field, which took a while. Currently, it takes me almost a year from start to finish. But since I am always editing one book while writing another, I can publish multiple works in a year if I really try.

Besides this book, how many others have you published?

  • I have all four books of The Incarn Saga published: Issaura’s Claws, Ullr’s Fangs, Crocotta’s Hackles, and Giahem’s Talons. I currently have two other full-length books and five novellas written and in various stages of editing.

What can you tell the readers about the book?

Anything you want them to know?Staring with Issaura’s Claws, readers will explore the kingdom of Elysia, where both humans and the shapeshifting Theriomorphs begrudgingly coexist. When a new threat arrives from across the expanse of the ocean, a military draft is enacted, and both races must push aside their differences in order to fend off this foe. Seventeen-year-old, Lluava Kargen, a female Theriomorph, represents her family and heads off to the training camps to fulfill her destiny.

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