The Senses of Love Series

The Sound of Love
Senses of Love Book 1
by Kyle Shoop
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Words than can’t be spoken can still be sung.
Sometimes the most beautiful relationships between two individuals blossom from moments of tragedy.
Charlotte and John grew up as young orphans in the secluded outskirts of a rural town. Each day, they’d sneak out to the nearby forest to escape the cold grasp of the orphanage’s tyrant-ruler, by creating an imaginary kingdom together. However, their worlds, and the safety that came from their friendship, were suddenly ripped apart when they got caught.
Years later, Charlotte conquered the marketing world in downtown Portland. Having gained normalcy in her life since her days in the orphanage, Charlotte never expected her world to be turned upside down by John abruptly being thrust back into her life.
However, the years since the orphanage had not at all been kind to John, leaving him unable to open up to Charlotte about the details. So, she reignites John’s love for playing music, finding that his songwriting is the only way to help him express what he otherwise has difficulty saying. But in doing so, the reunited couple discovers that John’s love for music may not have been the only fire waiting to be rekindled.
Would what began as two children playing in the woods in the heart of tragedy blossom into long-awaited, and much desired, love?
The Sight of Love
Senses of Love Book 2
Does love at first sight exist when love is blind?
Ethan was born to paint. His pursuit of beauty and meaning through art was the only thing his heart desired above all else. Until he met Rose.
It was love at first sight. A love which was as inspiring and captivating as the delicate life which radiated from a fresh rose. Her sight intoxicating. Her personality angelic. Her love instantaneous and unselfish.
But was that love enough to last a lifetime? Art often requires sacrifice. But Ethan’s life wasn’t just full of sacrifice for his passion, it would become marked with significant loss. An unforeseeable loss beyond his control and undercutting all which he sought in life.
Each moment of life is just a brush stroke in a larger painting. Would the love between Ethan and Rose be just the first brush stroke, or instead the reason to keep painting?
Experience the second book in the compelling “Senses of Love” series.
Kyle Shoop is a multi-genre author of compelling stories. His new “Senses of Love” series is a romance series that provides rewarding and inspirational stories.
Kyle is also the author of the Acea Bishop Trilogy, which is an action-packed fantasy series. All books in that series are now available, with Acea and the Animal Kingdom being the first book.
At a young age, Kyle was recognized for his storytelling by being awarded the first-place Gold Key award for fiction writing in Washington State. After spending several years volunteering in his wife’s elementary classrooms, he was inspired to write the Acea Bishop Trilogy. He is now motivated to finish his the new romance series. In addition to writing novels, Kyle is also a practicing attorney.
Kyle and is wife and two children are currently living in Utah.
A digital copy of the music soundtrack written specifically for The Sound of Love – all written, performed and recorded by the author Kyle Shoop
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The Trouble With Demons

The Trouble With Demons
by Sheena Austin
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Michelle always knew the head cheerleader who stole her boyfriend was demonic. She just didn’t realize Janice was an actual demon. And that’s not even the most interesting revelation of Michelle’s eighteenth birthday—also, coincidentally, prom night. She also learns that she is a half-angel warrior. And nothing could make for a more satisfying birthday-prom than sending that demon cheerleader straight back to hell. Then she discovers that her parents didn’t die when she was 16, after all. They’re alive, and they need her help. What else is a half-angel warrior to do? She heads out to kick some demon ass. Lucky for her, she’s also got her best friend Jonathan by her side. But there are still things she doesn’t know—not only about this hidden world she’s discovered, but about Jonathan himself. And those things could kill her if she isn’t careful.
Sheena Austin is the author of The Spirit of Mr. Darcy which is featured Most Ardently: An Austen-Inspired Christmas Collection, Journey of the Heart, and Memoirs of a Disillusioned Heart. A lover of all romance, fantasy, cat whisperer, and Kermit obsessed, the author currently lives in Virginia with her boyfriend and two cats.
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Bionic Passion book tour

Bionic Passion
Bionic Evolution Series Book 1
by LC Owen
Genre: SciFi Romance
Avery King is the most eligible bachelor in District M. His brilliant scientific discovery using stem cells and bionic technology has revolutionized the new world with state-of-the-art human robot hybrids, cleverly referred to as bionic humanoids. The bionic humanoids have taken all the jobs, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Even though Avery is set for life financially, his biggest regret is creating a technology that ruined human lives. As the political heat is turned up the districts, the heat the bedroom is twice as nice. Everything changes for Avery when he meets a unique bionic at The Bionic Dolls brothel downtown. When Avery finds that he cannot get over his fascination for a bionic humanoid named Amelia, he will stop at nothing to save her from a life of servitude as a common robot sex worker. Will Avery be able to save Amelia, or will the goons at the bionic research facility get to her first? This sizzling series will have you at the edge of your seat wanting more. Dive into a post-apocalyptic future where the lines between what it is to be a human or a simple program, are more blurred than ever!
This a steamy sci-fi robot romance with adult situations and sexuality. 18+
**Only .99 cents!!** 
Bionic Love
Bionic Evolution Series Book 2
Bionic Desire
Bionic Evolution Series Book 3
Bionic Dreams
Bionic Evolution Series Book 4
Bionic Obsession
Bionic Evolution Series Book 5
Bionic Ecstasy
Bionic Evolution Series Book 6
LC Owen is a native Texan and mother of two boys. When she is not writing or narrating for her podcast LC Owen Books, she enjoys singing karaoke with friends, going to local museums, or walking Reba (her dog). Please SUBSCRIBE to the LC Owen Books newsletter for free eBooks, eBook deals, and exclusive audios. LC Owen Books…Where thoughts become worlds!
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The Incarn Saga

The Incarn Saga banner
This is my stop during the blog tour for The Incarn Saga by Katharine E. Wibell. The Incarn Saga is a four book young adult/ new adult fantasy series inspired by ancient myths and filled with fast-paced action and adventure.

This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 20 January till 2 February. See the tour schedule here.

Issaura’s Claws by Katharine E. WibellIssaura’s Claws (The Incan Saga #1)
By Katharine E. Wibell
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: Young Adult, New Adult

According to legend, when the world was young, the goddess Issaura appeared among men. Those who treated her with kindness received the gift of the gods—the ability to transform into an animal form. This was a great honor but one that separated this race from other humans. Before Issaura departed the mortal realm, she promised to return if her people were ever at the point of destruction.

Now a threat is rising from a land across the mists of the ocean, a threat that will push this race to the brink of extinction. Responding to the call to war, seventeen-year-old Lluava heads off to find her destiny, one that will carve her name in history.

You can find Issaura’s Claws on Goodreads

You can buy Issaura’s Claws here on Amazon

Ullr's FangsUllr’s Fangs (The Incarn Saga #2)
By Katharine E. Wibell
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: New Adult

According to legend, when the world was young, two gods of war — one male, one female — were destined for each other. Yet Ullr, forever unfaithful, lost the love of Issaura, his true match, and was forsworn. His violent anger and bitter rage grew and intensified, poisoning all creation and humanity.

Now that the Raiders’ long ships have faded from sight, the kingdom of Elysia is beginning to recover from the summer’s war with the brutal invaders from across the sea. Yet darker forces have taken root, forces that can alter the future of the land and its people in unthinkable ways. Seventeen-year-old Lluava must discover the means to prevent her world from collapsing. But in doing so, will she succumb to that darkness?

You can find Ullr’s Fangs on Goodreads

You can buy Ullr’s Fangs here on Amazon

Crocotta's HacklesCrocotta’s Hackles (The Incarn Saga #3)
By Katharine E. Wibell
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: New Adult

According to legend, when the world was young, Crocotta, Queen of the Gods, discovered her mate’s faithlessness. She vowed to prevent future threats to all matrimonial pacts henceforward, but for her it was too late. The child born from the illicit coupling was a warrior goddess—one whom Crocotta would seek to destroy throughout eternity.

Now that the Raiders’ elite army is threatening the kingdom of Elysia’s northern borders, seventeen-year-old Lluava must leave the familiarity and safety of her native land to venture into the wilderness. Her mission is to discover others like her who will come to Elysia’s aid; her hope is to unravel the secrets behind what it means to be Incarn. But what she finds could destroy everything./

You can find Crocotta’s Hackles on Goodreads

You can buy Crocotta’s Hackles here on Amazon

Giahem's TalonsGiahem’s Talons (The Incarn Saga #4)
By Katharine E. Wibell
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: New Adult

According to legend, when the world was young, Giahem, King of the Gods, realized that the pantheon was on the verge of self-destruction due to his own actions. To protect his favorite child, he hid the infant and gave her a false name in the hope that she would survive—a name that would forever be associated with the young goddess: Issaura.

Now, the capital has fallen to the Outlanders, the king has been overthrown, and the Raiders have entered the kingdom of Elysia in full force. Eighteen-year-old Lluava must flee in order to survive. After all the losses she has endured, the battles she has fought and won to no avail, she must face the worst fact of all: that she alone is responsible for the kingdom’s demise. Will she ever be able to rectify her wrongs?

You can find Giahem’s Talons on Goodreads

You can buy Giahem’s Talons here on Amazon

Awards for the Incarn Saga book series to date:
Issaura’s Claws:
2018 New Apple Book Awards Solo Medalist Winner for Children’s/Young Adult eBook
2018 Fantasy/Paranormal Fiction Fist Place Winner by Epic eBook Awards
2018 Young Adult Fiction Gold Winner for Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards
2018 2nd place winner for the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction eBook

Ullr’s Fangs:
2019 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist for New Adult
2019 November Gold Metal Award by Literary Titan

Crocotta’s Hackles:
2019 New Adult Fiction Gold Winner by Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Award

Katharine E WibellAbout the Author:
Katharine Wibell’s lifelong interest in mythology includes epic poetry like the Odyssey, Ramayana, Beowulf, and the Nibelungenlied. In addition, she is interested in all things animal whether training dogs, apprenticing at a children’s zoo, or caring for injured animals as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. After receiving degrees from Mercer University in both art and psychology with an emphasis in animal behavior, Wibell moved to New Orleans with her dog, Alli, to kick start her career as an artist and a writer. Her first literary works blend her knowledge of the animal world with the world of high fantasy.

You can find and contact Katharine here:
Website blog

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Author Interview

What inspired you to start writing?

  • For as long as I can remember, I have created characters, story lines, and backstories. As children, my sister and I engaged in imaginary play consisting of multiple worlds filled with all sorts of creatures that became the foundation of our very own epic adventures. When I got older, the idea of writing about richly developed worlds and vibrant, three-dimensional beasts and beings felt natural. Interestingly, one of my first projects after The Incarn Saga will be based on some of the characters that developed during my childhood games of make-believe.

How long have you been writing?

  • I dabbled with creative writing throughout my childhood, though I never took it seriously until Issaura’s Claws. I started writing the first book of The Incarn Saga series in 2007, when I was seventeen, the age of the female protagonist. I took a hiatus during my college years. However, the story begged to be told, and I began working on the book again after graduation and completed the four-book series last year.

When did you start writing?

  • Issaura’s Claws grew from the seeds planted in the summer of 2007. Taking my writing seriously and pursuing it as a full-time career began in 2014.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

  • I toyed with the idea of writing as a personal hobby as I grew up, but after college, I knew I wanted to publish my stories.

What advice would you give a new writer, someone just starting out?

  • Take a breather. It is going to be a long road, especially if you are an indie author. There is so much to learn above and beyond the creative task of writing and the crucial task of editing that it might seem overwhelming. Seek out someone in the field to use as a resource and mentor when beginning to navigate the world of publishing.

How do you handle writer’s block?

  • I am a person who needs to express herself in multiple interests. When I stall out in my writing, I switch to painting, since I am also a reverse glass painter in New Orleans. This different creative outlet allows me the break I need and the time for my brain to deal with whatever issue my book or plot is having. When I return to writing, I am able to hit the ground running, so to speak.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

  • First, well-developed, complex characters are essential to peak people’s interest. Having a plot with twists and multiple layers is also important, in my opinion. Finally, good editing is key. There is nothing worse when reading a book than to be jarred out of the scene by improper grammar or poor spelling.

What comes first, the plot or characters?

  • That is a good question. My mind works in strange ways. My characters affect the plot just as the plot can twist characters. In my own experience, characters can write themselves into a story, or a new aspect of one of the main characters can reveal itself as he/she attempts to achieve the original objective. So, to answer your question, I really can’t say. For me, they both develop simultaneously.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

  • Each project is different. In The Incarn Saga, both Lluava, the main character, and the shape-shifting military theme developed together. The rest of the story evolved as I worked on fleshing out the plot. In my next young adult series, the characters and the plot/subplots arose from repetition during my childhood play. And I am currently working on an adult novella series that sprang from two different and obscure Nordic myths. I never sit down and say, “What can I create today?” I allow my stories to come to me naturally through whatever inspirational pathways they choose.

How do you come up with the titles to your books?

  • I select the titles after I have written most or all of the first draft. I want them to embody a core aspect or theme of the book without being too obvious at first glance.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

  • I first considered myself a writer when I finally realized that I was going to finish a draft of a novel and had not given up during that period.

Describe your writing space.

  • I write at home though my physical location changes from my office to my living room or my dining room on different days. No matter where I work, I need absolute quiet when I am writing new material although music can be playing during the later stages of editing. Typically, I don’t need much more than my computer. However, for some of my newer, more complex projects, I will erect diagrams or create models of various aspects that pertain to the storyline.

What time of the day do you usually write?

  • The morning is my favorite time of day to develop new text while in the afternoon, I work on editing and/or painting.

Describe a typical writing day.

  • After breakfast (around 9 a.m.), I pour myself a second cup of coffee and work on new material until lunch. If my flow is going well, I will continue into the afternoon. If not, I will switch over to editing one of my other projects or review edits that I receive from my Beta readers or editor. Book layouts and marketing are also done during this time. Around 5 p.m., I call it a day, head to the gym, then take my dog for a walk.

What is the most difficult part about writing for you?

  • Actually, it is motivating myself after a break. Once I publish a book, I give myself at least a week and switch from writing to painting. This allows me some time away from the computer. Starting a new work can be slow to start, especially if it is a sequel in a series because that requires a lot of reintroductions of characters, situations, and worlds. And sometimes, I have to focus on my painting if I have commissions to complete. In that event, it can be hard to pick up a story wherever I left it off.

What was your inspiration for these books?

  • This book series started with Issaura’s Claws. The true origin of the tale came from a dream in which I was a shapeshifting white tiger in a military training camp. The dream stuck with me, and I could not get it out of my head. I kept going back to it over and over for several weeks as the initial plotline developed in my mind. Finally, the only thing I could do was begin to write it all down. I had intended it to be a standalone. While attending a writer’s conference, I was given a challenge that made me look at the book in a new light, and I realized there were actually three more books to come. I will admit that the sequels are all darker and grittier than the first, but I was older by the time I contrived them.

How long did it take you to write it?

  • It is hard to say since I began Issaura’s Claws before I left for college and then took a four-year break. I also had to learn how to navigate the self-publishing field, which took a while. Currently, it takes me almost a year from start to finish. But since I am always editing one book while writing another, I can publish multiple works in a year if I really try.

Besides this book, how many others have you published?

  • I have all four books of The Incarn Saga published: Issaura’s Claws, Ullr’s Fangs, Crocotta’s Hackles, and Giahem’s Talons. I currently have two other full-length books and five novellas written and in various stages of editing.

What can you tell the readers about the book?

Anything you want them to know?Staring with Issaura’s Claws, readers will explore the kingdom of Elysia, where both humans and the shapeshifting Theriomorphs begrudgingly coexist. When a new threat arrives from across the expanse of the ocean, a military draft is enacted, and both races must push aside their differences in order to fend off this foe. Seventeen-year-old, Lluava Kargen, a female Theriomorph, represents her family and heads off to the training camps to fulfill her destiny.

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His Questions

Favorite Book?

This is a hard question I cannot seem to answer. I got top books but my favorite varies depending on my mood. Is kind of like asking if you have a favorite child.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I would leave in the country. The city life is not for me. I will love to have a small house with a big backyard, a nice little fire place and a stream of water anywhere near. it would be the perfect place to read and relax.

Favorite Blog Design

I’m still trying to learn all the designs so as of now I don’t really have one. And it might be time to update mine, I’m just scared to ruin it.

What’s your best life advice?

Live life the way you see fit. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks just do what makes you happy.

A quote to stand by

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”
Robert Frost

Your Dream Job

I am a photographer so I would love to have a small gallery where I could sell my photos or work in a book store.

What’s one thing you think the world needs to work on?


If you could live on one food, what would it be?

Growing up in Puerto Rico we only ate rice with everything so I think rice would be my choice.

One Post You Enjoyed Doing?

I enjoy making this tags. They are fun and it makes my blog a lot more entertaining.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind right now?

um….my mind is filled with anxiety right now so I cant really answer this at the moment.

A blog you just started following?

Too many. I love fallowing everyone!

MY Questions

1.What’s your favorite candle scent?

2. What female celebrity do you wish you were related to?

3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?

4. What’s one thing you own that you should probably get rid of, but just can’t?

5. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?

6. How many countries have you been to?

7. What was your favorite TV show when you were a child?

8. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?

9. Would you rather have an American accent or a British accent?

10. Have you ever taken karate lessons? 

11. What language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in?

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The Lucky Ones Review

From the bestselling author of The Good Neighbors…

They were supposed to die. 
Five years ago, the residents of the Gerbera subdivision in the small town of Fallen Oaks were brutally murdered in their beds. The only survivors, now called The Fallen Oaks Five, were children–practically strangers at the time, forever connected by the weight of all they witnessed. 
Now grown, the anniversary of their families’ deaths approaches and the Fallen Oaks Five receive letters of warning: the killers are still out there and they aren’t finished with them. In a race against time and murderers who remain both faceless and nameless, the Five must return to their old homes in order to piece together the events of a night they’d all rather forget. Their old town is riddled with secrets, and every person they come into contact with is a suspect. With everything at stake, can the Five solve the mystery and finally learn the truth about the night that cost them everything? Or will they find themselves victims of a fate they should’ve succumbed to years ago?

“The delicious way that Modglin crafts a story will leave you captivated until the wee hours of the morning, turning pages, determined to figure out the mystery she so expertly weaves in a fictional world that feels too close to reality for comfort.” 
-Katie Blanchard, Author of Dear Anna 

“This book started with a bang, and never slowed down!
Complete with her signature twists, unique plot, and suspense that keeps you turning the pages, Modglin’s The Lucky Ones is a book not to be missed!” 

-Emerald O’Brien, Author of The Knox and Sheppard Mystery Series

About The Author

Kiersten Modglin is a suspense author who enjoys dabbling in all the sub-genres. A Netflix addict, Shonda Rhimes super-fan, psychology fanatic, and indoor enthusiast, Kiersten enjoys rainy days spent with her nose in a book. More than anything, she loves reading & creating life-changing stories.

My Thoughts

First of all WOW! Kiersten has become one of my favorite authors. Everything I have read of her I have loved. She is really the queen of twists. Her stories always take me in a rollercoaster and that’s what I love about them. This book did just that. I felt in love with all the character and loved the plot as well. At the end the secrets caught up to them and surprise the twist and turns begin.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookstacks. I wish I could give it a higher rating!


Second Chances

Second Chances
by Larry Yoke
Genre: Romance Fiction
Second Chances is an adult fiction romance novel: Hunter O’Conner has a rough childhood, so it’s not surprising when he turns down the wrong path. Growing up with an abusive father, we can’t help but feel sorry for him and wish, as he does, that “Mr. Wilson was his father” instead. He’s not, but this father figure helps teach Hunter some lessons which will ultimately help him turn his life around when he gets a proverbial “second chance.” It is a captivating story that teaches us it’s never too late to change and do the right thing.
He has been writing short stories and poems since a child. Now his writing entertains and contains current social messages taken from the pages of today’s headlines. His poetry and books have won national awards in 2018, 2019 and his writings have seen their way into several anthologies. He has proven his mettle as an established author worthy of reading. His books are found at online book stores and his social media and author sites.
$10 Amazon – 2 winners!
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