Dead Meat Series By Nick Clausen

Quick moving suspense book. I couldn’t put them down. I have always loved a good zombie story and this ones didn’t disappointed me.

1. Dead Meat Day 1

In this first installment we fallowing Thomas, Jennie and Dan. It was a normal day, they were out delivering paper. But They didn’t know their last delivery would really be their last. Now they must fight to stay alive.

My Thoughts

This book had me at the edge of the seat. I need it to know if they would survive. Everything started in that house, a voodoo ritual gone wrong. They are the first group to know. They must survive and save the world.

I have loved every book I have read from Nick Clausen and this book didn’t disappointed me. It was packed with action, I finished it right away, couldn’t put out.

5 out of 5 bookstacks


2. Dead Meat Day 2

This is the second installment of Nick Clausen’s Dead Meat Series. In this one we fallow Selena, Jonas and Dan in their fight against the zombies, trying to save the world. But things get from bad to worst. Can they save the world? Or would they die trying?

My Thoughts

This installment was just as good but I had some things that bother me. First lest start with the characters, I thought Selena was a bit annoying. She treated Dan like he was a pest and since I stablish a likeness for Dan in the first book I hated this. I know she had good intentions but come on! lol. Second as you know one of my pet peeves is a name being repeated in almost every sentence. The author repeated the names with last name constantly and that was bothering me a bit. But besides those the story was excellent. action packed as well, im getting so deep into it and need to know more. Cant wait to read the third installment. πŸ™‚

4 out of 5 bookstacks


3. Dead Meat Day 3

My Thoughts

This series has me completely hooked. I’m honestly enjoying it and I’m also in need of the next book. Almost everyone is dead now and becoming zombies. Only a few survive but for how long? Nick Clausen has done it again. In this book we pretty much fallow Dan, Millie and William around while they try to survive this crazy world as well as keeping them self out of harms way. I NEED MORE DAY MEAT BOOKS!

5 out of 5 bookstacks πŸ“šπŸ“š πŸ“šπŸ“š πŸ“š

About the Author

Born 1988 in North Jutland, where I still live with my wife, who also happened to be my earliest childhood girlfriend. From 2017 I have lived as a full-time writer. Up until then, I had different jobs beside the writing. I have been studying as a carpenter for three years, and have also read two years of psychology at Aalborg University. It turned out that the writing had a much more powerful pull on me.

I decided early on that I would be an author when I grew up. In fact, the decision came to me already when I read my first book, Snevampyren by Dennis JΓΌrgensen. My first “real” stories I wrote at 14-15 years of age. They were rejected by the publisher, but still got praise. There were some years when I was busy with being a teenager and trying to get an education before I suddenly remembered that I should be an author.

That day I made a promise to write 1,000 words a day until I got a book published. I sat down and started writing. I continued to write every single day for a year and a half. I sent the finished manuscripts to different publishers, and the rejections piled up. Twelve of them by the end. But each time I could feel it was a little bit better. The criticism became more positive. The thirteenth story was called Tidevandet, and it was adopted by the publisher and came out a year later.

I have always enjoyed writing, although in the beginning I put a lot of pressure on myself. My approach to the process has become much more free over the years. For example, I no longer plan my stories. That way, I feel that I’m experiencing the story while writing it and the characters feel like real people. I do not know where the ideas come from, but I’ve never had trouble finding them.

8 thoughts on “Dead Meat Series By Nick Clausen

  1. Great reviews! It’s amazing when a series pulls you in so much that you need more and more stories in it. It’s also even more wonderful when it’s an author you know and love. I hope the next book in the series is just as awesome! Happy reading.

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