To Kill A Mockingbird Book Vs Movie

To Kill A Mockingbird is my absolute favorite classical Book and Movie. I loved them both. There are many similarities on both movie and book but we also found some difference and here they are;

  • In the book Boo Radley speaks one sentence to Scout. He asks her, “Will you take me home?” while in the movie he never speaks.
  • In the book Atticus walks Home with Jem, Dill and Scout after they confront the mob in front of the jail. But in the movie this does not happen instead Atticus tells them to go Home, and he sits back down.
  • in the book Mrs. maundy’s house gets on fire and boo Radley came outside and covered scout with a blanket. This never happens in the movie.
  • The three main differences are the absence of characters, the manipulation of major themes and the scenes that accompany them, and the variation of the point of view.

Tell me which one you prefer and why. The book or the movie? Honestly I love the movie but the book is my absolute favorite. So much that I have it duplicated. πŸ™‚

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