Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt Book Tag

All you need is access to a bookshelf. Let me know what you own!

1. Find and author name or title with a Z in it.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

2. Find a classic.

Secret Garden, To kill a Mockingbird, Of mice & Men. I have more but those are my favorite ones.

3. Find a book with a key on it.

The turn of the key by Ruth Ware

4. Find something on your bookshelf that is not a book.

Candles & Coffee Mugs

5. Find the oldest book on your shelf.

The Outsider Hinton, S.E. 1967

6. Find a book with a girl on it.

The trial of Lizzie Borden

7. Find a book that has an animal in it.

The wind through the keyhole

8. Find a book with a male protagonist.

The Dark Tower

9. Find a book with only words on the cover.

Beloved by Tony Morrison

10. Find a book with illustrations in it.

The Cat in the Hat by dr. Seuss (yes I have kids…lol)

11. Find a book with gold lettering.

A Treasury of classic poetry

12. Find a diary, true or fictional.

The Diary of Anne Frank

13. Find a book written by and author with a common name (like Smith).

Babe: The Gallant Pig by Dick, King-Smith

14. Find a book with a close up of something on it.

Uglies the original copies

15. Find a book on your shelf that takes place in the earliest time period. .

Kindred by Octavia Butler it was set on the slavery era

16. Find a hardcover book without a jacket.

Nightmares & Dreamscape

17. Find a teal/turquoise colored book.

Ocean at the end of the lane by Gaiman Neil

18. Find a book with stars on it.

Fields of Frozen Stars by Christopher St. John Sampayo

19. Find a non YA book.

Carrie Stephen King

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