Dead Meat: Day 1 by Nick Clausen review

The end of the world one day at a time

In this new apocalyptic zombie series from the author of They Come at Night and Human Flesh, we follow events day for day as the world slowly but surely decends into mayhem as the zombies take over. Don’t miss the thrilling ride!

For fans of The Walking Dead, The Orphans Book and World War Z.

How it all began

Three teenagers find themselves trapped in a stuffy, warm basement. The old lady who used to own the house is now dead. She’s also standing right on the other side of the basement door, scraping and moaning, trying to get in. Patiently. Tirelessly.

How did they end up here? Just a few hours ago, all three of of them were sitting in Thomas’ car, sweating and listening to music, not a care in the world. They were almost done with the paper route when they came to the old lady’s house. And that’s when everything turned to chaos.

Said about the DEAD MEAT series

★★★★★ “super exciting, totally entertaining and innovative zombie series”

★★★★★ “you won’t be able to put it down until the last page”

★★★★★ “terrifying, nightmare-inducing, impossible to put down”


Thomas makes his way through the room, noticing the bloody footprints on the carpet. A sound reaches him, makes him stop dead in his tracks. It’s a wet smacking noise. Like a child eating Bolognese for the first time and making a mess of it.

It’s coming from the kitchen.

Thomas looks around for a weapon. He didn’t think to bring the pipe. Instead, he grabs a big, pink crystal rock from a shelf. It feels satisfyingly heavy in his hand, giving him the courage to go on towards the opening to the kitchen. A dreadful sight meets him.

In the middle of the kitchen, sprawled out on the vinyl floor, is a grown man. His skin is dark and he’s wearing shorts and a T-shirt. The colors of his clothes are hard to discern, as they’re completely soaked with blood.

His stomach is open. It reminds Thomas of something he saw in a medical documentary about open heart surgery. Something is hanging out of the side of the crater. It looks like a piece of raw sausage with the filling sucked out of it. The rest of the content of the poor man’s stomach is mercifully hidden from view by the girl who’s sitting on her knees, feasting away. With one hand, she digs eagerly into the man’s intestines, transporting them to her mouth and chewing loudly. The other arm, which is broken, hangs limply by her side.

Apparently, this one-armed system isn’t working fast enough to satisfy the girl’s appetite, because suddenly she bends over and simply buries her face in the guy’s stomach.

Thomas breathes firmly through his nose—which immediately proves a mistake, as it only intensifies the smell of blood and meat. He knows he needs to move on. That he’s still in a hurry. That the guy on the floor might only be minutes from waking up, and then he’ll have two zombies to deal with.

So, he slips through the kitchen as close to the wall as possible. His eyes are fixed on the girl, and that’s why he doesn’t notice the bottle of olive oil lying on the floor. He accidentally kicks it, and it rolls across the floor, hitting the table leg with a loud Clank!

Thomas freezes, raising the stone, ready to throw it at the zombie girl.

But she doesn’t react at all to the noise; not even a flinch. She just keeps eating.

Thomas breathes a sigh of relief. He hurries on. Makes it out of the kitchen and into a hallway. There are a couple of closed doors. At the end is the scullery. He reminds himself about the fact that he can’t know for sure if anyone else is in the house—living or dead. So, he keeps the crystal stone held high, ready to strike at anyone trying to surprise him …

Day 2 will be out on November 8!

My Thoughts

I received an Arc book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

😳😳Another amazing read from Nick Clausen! This book was amazing and supper addictive. It began with three teenagers a brother, sister and her boyfriend. They were working on their news paper rout. Once they reached the final destination they were welcome by chaos! Now trapped in a basement they have to work together to escape and survive. But what will they do when danger is lurking right inside the basement with them? How will they escape? more importantly, will they be able to survive?

Nick’s books always make my heart beat fast, always scares the hell out of me but in the best way possible! I am starting to become a huge fan of this author. So far everything I have read from him I have loved.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookstacks 📚 📚📚 📚📚

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