Author Kasey Conley Story Episodes

One of my author friends decided to do a story by episodes on her own blog and well I wanted to help her share it. This is going to be on Sundays. Here is the first episode.

Episode 1- Kasey Conley

On a rainy, gloomy, terrible day I sat on my ass and did nothing. I did nothing so hard and well, I fell asleep. Whilst in my slumber, I dreamt of a time when life was just… happy. Joy wasn’t something I felt much so I stayed. The world I lived in was beautiful and bright. There weren’t always rainbows in the sky, but there wasn’t always the pain that I felt in the real world either.  
One day, in my dream world, a man showed up. He had dark hair and eyes, a smile as beautiful and bright as a sunset, and a voice that could make anyone drop their jaw. The thick accent was straight out of London and a big plus too. He just walked into my dream house like he owned it, seeming to be shocked when I noticed him, then sat down with a coffee mug. Just sat there and his confusion morphed into a smile, until I asked who he was and why he was in my house. 

“I’m your dream man, darling.” He answered.  

“My dream man? I didn’t know I dreamt of a man.”  

He stood, his frame tall and built. He then bent and the waist in a small bow and added a flourish with his hand. “Bray Daniels at your service.” 

“Daniels? As in Jack?” I asked. It sounded made up to me.

“It’s your name, dear,” He chuckled. 

“My dream man has a dream name?” No way was I that into Jack Daniels. 

He smiled bigger. “Of course, how else am I to introduce myself?”  

My arms crossed over my chest. “What if I don’t want a man?”  I liked my independence and my house the way I had it, thank you very much.

He shrugged. “I guess I could just leave.” Setting his mug down, he walked towards the door. 

Holy shit, he was serious! “W..wait,” I stuttered shyly. “I guess I don’t have anyone else to talk to here and I’m just out of people practice. Please, stay.”  

He paused with his hand on the door. “You didn’t dream up a man, remember?” The hurt in his voice was plain as day.  

I walked him and touched his arm. “If I didn’t dream you, what are you doing here?”  

He turned slowly to bring his roughened hands to cup my face. “To love you as no one has. Whether you dreamt me up or not, I was made to love you.” And then, just as his lips were going to caress mine…  

I woke up

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