Books for kids with Autism

Today I want to talk about something that affects me personally. I have a son with Autism. His name is Nathan and he is 8 years old. He is the most amazing kid I have ever known. Even wit his learning disability he is supper smart. He is also such a happy boy and I think what makes him feel better is that I do not treat him any differently than my other kids.

But anyways I wanted to talk to you guys about some books for kids with autism that I found about a few days ago and want to purchase for my son. I do not know if any of you guys have kids with Autism and if you knew about this books but if you didn’t now you do. So lets get this started.

My brother Charlie

Callie is very proud of her brother Charlie. He’s good at so many things — swimming, playing the piano, running fast. And Charlie has a special way with animals, especially their dog, Harriett.

But sometimes Charlie gets very quiet.

His words get locked inside him, and he seems far away.

Then, when Callie and Charlie start to play, Charlie is back to laughing, holding hands, having fun.

Charlie is like any other boy – and he has autism.

In this story, told from a sister’s point of view, we meet a family whose oldest son teaches them important lessons about togetherness, hope, tolerance, and love.

Holly Robinson Peete, bestselling author, actress, and national autism spokesperson, has paired with her daughter, Ryan, to co-author this uplifting book based on their own personal experiences with Holly’s son and Ryan’s brother, RJ, who has autism.

Originally published: 2010

Authors: Holly Robinson Peete, Ryan Elizabeth Peete, Denene Millner

Genre: Fiction

Illustrator: Shane W. EvansAwards: NAACP Image

Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Children’s

The Reason I Jump

The Reason I Jump: One Boy’s Voice from the Silence of Autism is a book written in 2005 by Japanese author Naoki Higashida, a then-13-year-old boy with autism. It was originally published in Japan in 2007 and the English translation by Keiko Yoshida and her husband, author David Mitchell, was published in 2013.

WikipediaOriginally published: February 28, 2007

Author: Naoki Higashida

Page count: 135

Publisher: Penguin Random House LLC.

Original language: Japanese

Genres: Biography, Autobiography

Different Like Me

Different Like Me introduces children aged 8 to 12 years to famous, inspirational figures from the world of science, art, math, literature, philosophy and comedy.

Eight-year-old Quinn, a young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, tells young readers about the achievements and characteristics of his autism heroes, from Albert Einstein, Dian Fossey and Wassily Kandinsky to Lewis Carroll, Benjamin Banneker and Julia Bowman Robinson, among others. All excel in different fields, but are united by the fact that they often found it difficult to fit in-just like Quinn.

Fully illustrated in colour and written in child-friendly language, this book will be a wonderful resource for children, particularly children with autism, their parents, teachers, carers and siblings.

Originally published: 2005

Author: Jennifer Elder

Genre: Biography

Illustrators: Jennifer Elder, Marc Thomas

All My Stripes

This is the story of Zane, a zebra with autism, who worries that his differences make him stand out from his peers. With careful guidance from his mother, Zane learns that autism is only one of many qualities that make him special. Contains a Note to Parents by Drew Coman, PhD, and Ellen Braaten, PhD, as well as a Foreword by Alison Singer, President of the Autism Science Foundation.

Originally published: October 2014

Authors: Shaina Rudolph, Danielle Royer

Illustrators: Danielle Royer, Jennifer Zivoin

Genres: Fiction, Children’s literature

Everybody is Different: A book for Young People Who Have Brothers or Sisters with Autism

Many brothers and sisters of young people have a hard time understanding what autism is and why their siblings with autism spectrum disorder do what they do. This book gives answers to the many questions brothers and sisters have about their siblings. In addition to explaining in basic terms the characteristics of autism, this book is full of helpful suggestions for making family life more fun and comfortable for everyone. The many illustrations make this a warm and accessible book for young people.

Originally published: 2001

Author: Fiona Bleach

Illustrator: Fiona Bleach

Subject: Autism

OCLC: 50789666

Genres: Medicine, Education

If you have any other book recommendation please let me know in the comments below! ❤

One thought on “Books for kids with Autism

  1. The only book on this list I’ve read is ‘The Reason I Jump,’ which is very good (I recommend his second memoir ‘Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8’ too.) I get the feeling that ‘The Reason I Jump’ is on a higher reading level than these other ones, no reason your son couldn’t read it or have it read it to him but it’s actually shelved with adult books at libraries. I would also maybe recommend a book called ‘Planet Earth is Blue’ because it’s an intelligently written middle-grade book about a little girl with non-verbal autism.


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