Cover Reveal And Author Interview with Christopher St. John Sampayo

I been fortunate enough to know Christopher Sampayo for over 4 years. I have enjoyed his works and amazing books as well as become a proud member of his Christofan. Today I’m excited to participate in his cover reveal & interview. I hope you guys enjoy it. 🙂

Old Covers

Author Interview

Christopher Sampayo Interview

  1. Welcome to my Blog. Its so nice to have you here. Tell us a little about your story and the story world you’ve created.

I like to tell stories of the ordinary that becomes extraordinary.  I like to write about worlds that are very close to ours but are more magical where literally almost anything can happen.

  • Tell us a little about how these stories first came to be. Did it start with an image, a voice, a concept, a dilemma or something else?

Usually I start first with the ideas of characters.  I think of characters based more on the actions they take or their thought process.  I don’t even have names for them for a while.  Then I start to think how those characters interact with other characters or particular situations.

  • What special knowledge or research was required to write this book.

Some books may require a specialized knowledge.   Specters of Mist and Sand dealt with Mesoamerican studies.  Fields of Frozen Stars dealt with World War 1.  I usually listen to college lectures about these topics when I need specialized information.

  • Which character was most challenging to create? Why?

In Shadows of the Inferno I wanted to write about the Devil.  How do you write about someone who started a war that has lasted pretty much for all of eternity?  I knew he had to have a lot of complex layers.

  • Are any of your characters based on real people you know? 

Most of my characters are just individuals that I dream up and find intriguing for some reason or other.

  • Which scene was most difficult to write? Why?

I think that action scenes are really hard to write.  For me it’s easy to write a characters thought processes or dialogue.  Narrations of passing time are pretty easy too.  Action is definitely a challenge however.  You have to write a lot of movement but not lose the reader.  If you miss a word or sentence I think it is easy for a reader to get lost or confused so it’s extra important not to get ideas jumbled.   

  • Which scene, character or plotline changed the most from first draft to published book?

Prisons of Stolen Dreams was interesting because I took my time with writing it.  It took me almost 2 years to complete.  This really allowed the story to breath in a very unique way.  Someone read the first couple of chapters and gave me their feedback.  Based on that feedback I was really able to take the story into a new direction that I didn’t anticipate and it made it very exciting to write.

  • Who are your favorite authors and why?

I like Clive Barker a lot.  And Neil Gaiman.  At the end of the day I would probably say my favorite Genre is horror but for me horror is really just modern day fairy tales.   Barker and Gaiman convey those aspects of storytelling for me.  I am also a King fan and I like Tom Clancy novels.

  1. What attracted you to the genre(s) you write in?

I like fairy tales but I like things set in modern times.  This allows me to identify with the characters more easily.  I like modern day fairytales because in these chaotic days it’s nice to believe in a little bit of magic.

  1. I saw that you are a new dad. Congratulations! How do you balance the demands of writing with other responsibilities? 

When I figure that out, I’ll let you know. Haha.

  1. What special support people (critique partners, writing group, beta readers, editor, agent, author’s assistant) do you rely on? How do they help you?

I guess I have beta readers.  I’m not sure if that’s the right term.  But I have some readers who read the first draft or first few chapters of my books.  It’s important to have someone look at my work and tell me if it even makes any sense or if it’s just some crazy caffeine fueled typing rant.

  1. What are some trends in your genre that excite you?

Gaiman has become a very well-known author.  His projects are being adapted frequently.  I remember when he was basically known as just a comic writer.  His Sandman comics are brilliant and still some of my favorite stories but it’s nice to see him gaining wider acceptance.

  1. If you were to genre-hop, which genres would you most like to try writing?

Tom Clancy is one of my favorite authors.  I don’t write spy novels but I often find his style showing up in my books on occasion.

  1. What aspects of your creative process do you enjoy most? Which are most challenging?

I enjoy getting super caffeinated and just letting my mind run away with itself.  I find it most challenging finding good coffee. Lol.

  1. What do you know now that you wish you’d known at the beginning of your writing/publishing journey?

I wish I had a better understanding of sentence and paragraph structure at the beginning of learning to be a writer.  Laying out coherent ideas that can be understood paragraph to paragraph is a beautiful art.  But as with all arts you learn more as time goes on.

  1. What would you advise young writers trying to build a publishing history or an author platform?

My mantra is the old Nike slogan.  Just do it. You may fail.  You may not always succeed.  But if you keep working at it you tend to get better with time and most importantly you find your own voice.

  1. What’s the worst writing/publishing advice anyone ever gave you?

I tend to stay pretty open to all suggestions.  Advice and suggestions can be very educational.  Even if time shows you that the person who gave you the advice had no idea what they were talking about.

  1. You have six published books and are in the process of re-release this month. Tell me more about this process and how you feel about it.

It’s been interesting.   I have revisited my earlier books and read things that I wrote years ago.  It’s strange to put myself back in those stories.  The new covers are gorgeous and I’m very excited about them.

  • What does it mean to be able to re-release these books with new covers to you?

It’s been exciting to look back at the journey that has led me to this point in my writing career.  It’s only been possible because of the amazing support of many readers who have allowed me to keep going over the years.

  • It was great to have you on my blog, I can wait to get the new covers added to my collection. 😊

New Covers !

About the Author

Author Christopher St. John Sampayo grew up in Louisiana in the Toledo Bend area. He now resides in San Antonio, Texas. Christopher started writing and directing plays in San Antonio and eventually started his own theatre company. After spending several years writing and directing short films he had his first novel Haunting of Rosehaven published in 2013. He currently has 6 novels published through Centauri Road Publishing. They are titled Haunting of Rosehaven, Ghosts of Glass, Fields of Frozen Stars, Shadows of the Inferno, Specters of Mist and Sand, and Prisons of Stolen Dreams.

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