When you close your eyes by Roxanne D. Howard- Review


Ugh. It’s so disappointing when you begin a new book with so much promises and excitement over reading something new from a new author. But I just couldn’t get into this story. In here we meet Lark, who left her home and family behind when she discover her father’s secret. She hated him for it and never looked back. Until she receives a message telling her that her father is dead and rushes home to be with her mom and brother. Lark had been engaged to Charles for over 5 years but feeling g as if the relationship is stuck in place and not planning to move forward makes her extremely upset to the point she beging to dream about a mysterious man who come in the night and make love to her. Passionate and hot. Good so far right. Unfortunately that’s a good as it gets.

I am a sucker for good romance and a hot sex scene but when the author can’t go a chapter with out throwing a sex scene and using so much profanity it gets a bit overwhelming. In three chapters I read three to four sex scenes. And the profanity didn’t allowed me to move forward with the book.

I give this story one out of five book stacks 📚

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