Reigning Magicks by Candace’s Osmond & JJ King.

Publisher: Guardian Publishing

Publication Date: March 15, 2019

Language: English

Book Lenght: 210 pages

Authors: Candace Osmond & JJ King

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Ashlyn, a princess of the clan Kavanaugh has been arranged to marry Brigacos from a different clan in order to obtain peace between clans. But Ashlyn who did not wanted to marry him went to find a seeker I’m search of ways to stop the war with out marrying Brigacos. The seeker gave her a stone and told her to ask for a wish. Ashlyn did as she was told but was taken trough time to the future. She traveled from the 1700s to the year 2019 where she meet Cian. The handsome prince who was arranged to marry Serena in less than two weeks. Cian offered to help her find the answers to the way back home but I’m the mean time the feelings for each other keep growing. Putting his marriage at risk as well as her past. Now she must decide, should she come back to her people in the 1700s and find a way to rule them or should she stay here with Cian and let love win.

My thoughts:

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. This story was not only different but also very amazing. But then again why am I surprised? It was written by two talented authors. Candace Osmond & JJ King. I loved it how they made this into a time travel romance and still was able to add a twist in the mix. I absolutely loved Ashlyn. Being in a new world she wasn’t accostumed to, didn’t stopped her from being her fiercely self. She show Serena who was stronger. I’m glad some one put Serena in her place! Great job guys!

5 out of 5 stars. Can’t wait for book 2šŸ˜

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