I meet the amazing Kasey Lynn Conley in a book group I was a part of. We began talking and she informed me she was a writer. I asked her to let me read some of her work and she did. The Secret arrangement was the first book I read of hers and from there on I was hooked. I have yet to read something from her I didn’t like. I hope you guys give her a chance. ❤

  1. ) Secret Arrangement- was the first work that I read of hers and the one that hooked me up.

When Cassandra learns she has a fiancee, her world is thrown upside down. She is a single mother of three and bad luck with the men who helped create them. Her past haunts her with everything Tristan does. His sexy charm and open love for her children make it hard to stay away. Tristan himself has a past, and it comes back with a nasty plan to make him do what she wants. Will Cassandra finally see not all men are the same and let Tristan in?

2.) Shivers of Desire is my favorite book from her. The love story between Lydia and Grayson makes me melt. Although they are both supper stubborn.

At home, alone, on a Friday night. No friends calling, no boyfriend to text. What’s a girl to do? Everyone said she was such a sweet girl, quiet with a heart of gold. All that changed one day and no one knew why. She stopped being the girl who always smiles and The one everyone can turn to, becoming cold and distant. She believed she was destined to be alone for the rest of her life so she began to make it true. But one night, Lydia collides with a new destiny. One not soon forgotten….

or survived.

3.) Home is where the Journey Begins– Rain and Rivers are back home for the summer. They had no idea of what was in store for them. This story ripped me apart but I loved it.

Mag and Buck have raised their twin nieces, Rain and River Taylor, from a very young age on their farm. Alongside the troubled youth at the farm for reform, they grow into beautiful young women. They come home for their summer vacations from college and find an adventure of love, heartbreak, and growth. One sister has a past and the other can’t find a future. One finds a love she doesn’t want, the other finds a love she shouldn’t need. The already battered heart of one sister is destroyed by the acts of the other, but as he has been from the beginning, Daniel is there to help her back together.

4.) Pure of Heart

Seraphina, an author, is running for her past while writing about an even further, one that she’s made from the real life feelings for Gabriel. Along the way both versions of her self go trough many trials and adventures, all which comes out to one conclusion. Gabriel isn’t leaving, even when she does.

5.) Strength of Soul

Marrisa, Princess of Corazon… and NYC wonder, is trying to come to terms with life as it is now. Having a partner isn’t her idea of fun and with that person being Justin, the queen’s personal guard and Crue refugee, it’s ever harder. When she takes a fall and lands the last place she ever thought she’d be, life gets a bit.. complicated. Justin is still getting used to not having his life threatened at every turn. His past in the land of Crue left him with more than one scar in all that is him. Being paired with Marrisa is challenging to say the least, but one day everything gets worse… and better. Meanwhile, Gabriel has decided to go and look for his long lost Seraphina. Stopping at no cost, whether it be reputation, professionalism, or his friends, he is determined to bring her home where she belongs. One event thrusts Justin and Marrisa together, and the dark parts of their lives come to light. Will they be able to find the strength to make it through all the trials, or will they crash and burn?

6.) Catch Me

Raleigh King thought her life was perfect. Boyfriend who was doing well in his work, as was she. Cute little apartment they shared in the city. Her sister was happy and getting married in the morning. But when she goes home early from the bachelorette party to find Joshua in bed with another woman, her life turns upside down. She leaves her job, home, and city life that night for a fresh start back at the beginning. A few bad liquid choices has her falling into the big capable arms of Warren Benner, multimillionaire and tortured soul. He catches her as she falls of a stool and into the fast fall of passion. He offers her the new life she was searching for but she struggle around seemingly every turn. Will they be a enough together or will their insecurities get the best of them.

About the author!

Kasey Lynn Conley is a 30 year old single mother of three who relieve her stress by writing. Writing also helps her with her insomnia and the best part is that she has fun while she writes.

Make sure you fallow her at

The Interview!

1.) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I wanted to be a writer in one form or another when I was in school and learned about poetry. As I got older, I lost interest in poetry off and on but I could tell a mean story. One of the adults in my life back then said if I could stay on topic, I could be one hell of an author… so, I tried it out. I’m not sure what happened to that one but I never finished it. A few years later, I started a new one from a recurring dream I had. It became my first finished story. It was fun and something to do while I couldn’t sleep. I started posting it on Facebook, by chapters, and folks loved it! People enjoying something I do is a huge thing for me so I kept doing it.

2.) How long does it take you to write a book?

The length of time it takes to finish a book varies. It has taken a month and a half to three years. It’s my writing process. I handwrite everything, then type it up. While typing, I can edit, add, revamp, or completely change things. I have a story, my longest one ever, but it’s only half typed and a bit overwhelming to do at this point, which is why I have years to finish it. A book isn’t done until I have it all typed up and hit save for the last time.

3.) What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

This is probably the hardest thing to pinpoint. I have many factors in my life that don’t add up to a nice laid out schedule. Whenever I get the chance to work on a story, I dive right in.

4.) What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

My writing quirks aren’t exactly interesting. They do more to annoy me than anything else. My stories have to be written by one pen, or at least the same kind of pen. The lines of the paper I use have to be the same color and size throughout a story. If I’m using Bic pens, I have to have 2 pen grips of the same color.

5.)At what age you write your very first book?

At age of 25, and with a 9-month-old, I finished Secret Arrangement, however that was not my first published book.

6.)What book did you published first?

My first published book was Shivers of Desire at age 29. It was in e-book for a while before I could find a way to get it to be in paperback. The cover gave me a bit of trouble but I got it sorted.

7.) What does your family think about your writing?

They are all very supportive. My aunt has read everything I posted on Facebook and owns at least one book.

8.) How many books have you written? which one is your favorite?

I am currently writing book number 7, Protect me, which is Catch me part 2. one of my favorites has to be Home is Where the Journey Begins. That story has an incredible adventure with life, loss, and love. It helps that Daniel is so delectable, I guess.

9.)Do you hear from your readers much? what kind of things do they say?

When I do hear from them, it’s all supportive and excitement. I have one who’s been waiting for Shivers of Desire part 2 for quite some time but she’s also working on collecting all my other books as well. My readers are all wonderful and cheer me on when things get rough.

10.) what book do you recommend new readers to start with?

That’s hard to say. I like them all and they have different worlds with different issues. I like Home is Where the Journey Begins for new readers.

11.) What other works are in process? what should we keep an eye for?

Protect Me, Catch Me part 2, is coming very soon along with parts 3&4. Clear of Mind is Pure of Heart part 3 and might be out by the end of the year. I also have many others that I might start working on.

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