Bird Box book Review

🤔🤔🤔Where do I start with this review. I feel a little cheated. The book is slightly better than the movies but it had its faults too. The description of Tom in the movie compare w Tom in the book Is completely different which it annoy me a little bit.But then we go to Gary. I was expecting more out of him. The Gary in the book was brutal.

I felt like it dragged in some parts.But over all a decent read. Good way to start the year❤️❤️


The Messes Series Review

Lets beginning with one of my new favorite authors. Her Name is Kiersten Modglin and she wrote The Messes Series which is absolutely a must read.


*The first book in the series is THE CLEANER. This book is about Gunner. Gunner cleaned crime scenes for a living but when one of the crime scenes he had to clean was connected to a pass he tried to leave behind he was forced to go back to his hometown where he swore he never would go back to.


My review:

    I wasn’t prepared for this story I must admit. it has sooo many twists and turns that had me wanting more. my heart was beating fast. The story between Gunner and Reagan was beautiful and funny. Everything they had to endure just to be together was amazing. I loved every single part of this book.

Reagan the rich popular girl. The princess, the good girl. Gunner the handsome bad boy but together they are perfect. Especially for each other💜

*The second book of the series is THE HEALER. In here we get to know Jesse and Quinn. They have been best friends since they were little kids but now they are learning a new feeling for each other but they are scared and trying to deny it. But danger lurks in every corner…


My review:

    Uff. Where can I start? This is the second book of the lesser series. This is the story of Quinn and Jesse. This book made me feel so many different emotions all at once. I travel inside their world. I wasn’t expecting that huge twist at the end and I even cry like a baby at one point. Great book! Any book that makes me feels as many emotions as this one is worth a read and a recommendation. Read this book you won’t regret it!

*The third book in the series is THE LIAR. In this book, we meet Fletcher. Living a life full of secrets and lies. His first lie was his name. His real name is not Fletcher. He is hiding from his past in plain sight and everything going well until he meets Vaida and falls in love with her. Vaida who is also running from a dark past and now they must confront their past together.


My review:

   Damn! This one was a hard an emotional book! I couldn’t put it down though, I need it to know what was in store for Fletcher and Vaida. I laughed at his awkwardness while he tries to hit on her but cry as I found out about her life. The Messes series is amazing we have Gunner James, Jesse, Fletcher I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.😍

*The Fourth and last book of the series is THE PRISONER where we meet Fiona. Fiona has been hurt by many including her own parents. She has some secrets that she can’t tell anyone because she wants to protect those who she loves the most. Even if that causes them to hate her.


my review:

        Reading Fiona’s story completely broke me. Her life and past were horrid. It was so hard for her to trust anyone and even worst to let anyone love her or let them in. And then he meets Logan who was also trying to run away from his demons. Will they destroy each other? Or will love save them both!

     😭😭😭😭I can’t believe is over! I love this series so much! The Prisoner was the last book of the series and I’m broken-hearted to have to say goodbye to Gunner, Gia, and Gavin. They went through so much in their life. Their stories were so painful, I will miss this messy family that’s for sure.