Candy by Justin M. Woodward

This book is amazing. Definitely not what I was expecting. Author Justin M. Woodward has a excellent mind and great amount of talent which shows in his work. This book got my attention from the start. It was so good I didn’t even stop reading to eat. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time and my heart was racing faster with each chapter I read. I started hating Candy but at the end I loved her. You should definitely read her story.

Excuse me if I’m feeling sentimental.
I might die tonight.

My name is Candy Tran. Before I was hunting down serial killers and feeding men to alligators, I was a normal, church-going, tax-paying citizen. Before all of this. I’ve been given a chance to tell my story, so please, listen closely. This is going to take a while.

Candy is a wild, humor-filled, neo-noir romp across america. For fans of Chuck Palahniuk and films like Seven Psychopaths and Pulp Fiction.

From the author of The Variant and Tamer Animals.

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