The Wayward Witches by Candace Osmond

Halloween 🎃 is among us and we cannot have a Halloween 🎃 with out witches. So let me tell you about the best witch series I have read in a very long time.

Is sexy, exciting and heart felt. I completely fell in love with this series from the first book. It’s addictive, you are left wanting more until you devour the whole series. Yes I’m talking about The Wayward Witches. You would not be sorry 🙂

Do you dare to enter this amazing and very sexy world? The adventure begins with

A stolen Hear: Lenora

Dark, Gory, and Totally Sexy! Start the #1 Bestselling Dark Paranormal Series with Lenora in A Stolen Heart!

“I can feel the power of the Earth flowing through my veins as it has for hundreds of years, inching me closer to permanent immortality. Soon, it will be a part of my very being, every fiber of my body will be immortal, not just clothed in it. All I have to do is complete the ritual and I’ll stop at nothing to do so. Just one more key ingredient.

A stolen heart.”

Lenora, leader of the Wayward Witches, has roamed the Earth for hundreds of years, searching for her coven not yet born. Now, with just one sister shy, Lenora and the other witches prepare what they can for the ultimate ritual, the one that will bring them eternal immortality. 

But can she keep her younger coven sisters in line? And will they find the fourth addition to their circle or will it all fall apart before it’s even begun?

A Betrayed Heart: Ridley

“The power of fire burns through my veins just as the desire to be immortal does in my mind. It’s all I can think about. It’s all I want. Well…besides Jean Paul, the sexy French businessman I sleep with in secret. 

Too bad he’s my best friend’s husband. Bianca’s affinity for water would surely douse my flame, but it’s the price I’ll pay for helping her let go of her mortal ties. Without Bianca, the ritual for immortality is nothing more than a dream.”

Ridley, the youngest of The Wayward Witches, struggled to control her raging power and the flame which burns beneath her skin. But fate brought Lenora, an ancient witch, to cross her path and join the quest for eternal immortality. Now she just has to keep her cool while they collect the ingredients they need, then she’ll have the rest of eternity to learn from Lenora.

As long as the three witches can find a fourth to complete their circle before it’s too late.

A Hardened Heart: Bianca

“Like my mother before me, the unstoppable force and power of water fill every inch of my body, aching to be set free. But, I was raised to hide my gift from the world, trained to live a mortal life and for years I believed that was the right way to live. 
Until the only thing tying me to this mortal world, my beloved husband betrayed my love and hardened my heart.”

Scrambling for her husband’s affection, Bianca has had enough. Finally, she opens her eyes and considers the fact that he may be cheating. She just never thought it would be with one of her best friends. Now she can finally sever the thing that tethers her to this mortal life and fully invest in her coven’s quest for immortality. 

But will her unexpecting husband survive the wave that’s headed straight for him? Will Bianca have his death on her hands?

A Perpetual Heart: Sloan

For years, the unyielding power of air has tried to force its way out, seeping through my pores and commanding me to let go, to stop stifling it and just be free. But I can’t. I won’t do that to my sister. Jacey wants nothing to do with the magical world we come from, and I have to respect her wishes. 

Even though she possesses more power in a single finger than an entire coven of witches.” 

Sloane, the air elemental, floats through life behind a cloak. Shielding the world from her abilities. All because her sister Jacey is too afraid of her own powers to join in. But now Sloane has found Lenora and the coven of wayward witches, a place where she’s accepted. A place she can call home. 

But they’ll need the aid of Sloane’s reluctant sister if they truly want to complete the ritual for immortality that they’ve all worked so hard towards. 

Can they convince Jacey to help? Or will everything be swept away in the wind?

A Reluctant Heart: Jacey

All my life, I stifled the dark power hidden deep inside me. What would I do with magic like that? With abilities beyond comprehension? And would I control the powers…or would they control me? But I fear my days of hiding are over. My sister Sloane and her new-found coven of wayward witches desperately need my help to complete their ritual of immortality. I agreed on one condition: that they take my powers afterward.

But can I manage the magic seeping to the surface? Or will my greatest fear come to life?”

Jacey had always refused to use or even accept her magic abilities. At a young age, she realized just how much more power she had than her sister Sloane. She knew then that it wasn’t normal. Even for a witch, she would be the odd one out. The best she could do was live a normal life and squash the internal struggle to use her magic.

But the time has come. She can no longer ignore what’s there, right under the surface of her skin dying to get out. Can she keep it under control long enough to complete the ritual of immortality? Or will her dark magic suck them all into oblivion?

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