Stop Banning our books!

To Kill a Mocking Bird is one of the greater books of American History and yet we find that most of our school systems are banning this book. Why are we doing that? Because it shows racism? Well hate to tell you guys but racism is something we lived with for many years and still to this day facing. Instead of banning this story or any story that contains this type of information we should use it to our advantage to show our youth what not to do. To show them what’s acceptable and what’s not. To teach them that it’s ok to stand up for others with out caring of their skin colors. We should use this to create a better future. But instead we try to hide the past. I for one will let my kids read this and every other book that speaks on what blacks and other people went trough.

10 thoughts on “Stop Banning our books!

  1. I recently reread this as an adult and can’t see why schools would ban this book?! Hopefully with books like this being on PBS’ The Great American Read, it will deter schools from banning it. The whole idea of banning books is a bit bonkers to me – one could still go to the library and get a copy and if anything when I was a kid and something was banned you best believe we were going to find a way to get our hands on it.

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  2. I don’t agree with banning books in principle. There are a few religious hating books that I don’t agree with, but I can’t see how so many of the books end up on the banned list. Even Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter are banned in places – Just stupid.

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