5 Most Scariest Book I Have Read

Halloween 🎃 is near. And in Honor to this wonderful and fun Holiday I will be writing about the 5 most scariest book I have read. Let’s beginning,

1. Shadows of the inferno by Christopher St.John Sampayo

This book had my heart beating fast, and my hand sweating. I was scared out of my mind and that’s how I love my books. I couldn’t put it down and once it was done I wish I had another one of his books to read.

It was said that the house was a shadow. That it was smoke. It was a thing that existed only as an image cast, showing the absence of light. The stories of the horrors that occurred within the walls of the Weeping House have become legend. However, the truth is far more sinister than any could have imagined and the house in the woods by Howard’s Crossing is the place where the ultimate battle between good and evil will be fought in the darkness cast by the Shadows of the Inferno.

2. The stranger by Kathy Dinisi

This book had me breathless at the edge of my seat. The stranger was both crazy and terrifying. He knew how to get in her head. The stranger was something out of a nightmare.

April, a single mom trying to balance work and private life takes a job in Nevada. As she makes her way down a long and deserted back road, a stranger begins to fallow her. He wants her, he craves her and there is no escaping him. With no one to help her to hear her scream, she begins to wonder if she’ll make it back to her daughter or will she make her end at the hands of the stranger.

The stranger is a short story.

4. Hunger by Perrin Briar

This is a story about John. A tired accountant. Tired of his life, work wise and marry life. He need it more exciment. Was tired of always arguin with his wife. and apologizing when it wasnt his fault. He couldnt leave though because he had a beautiful little girl whom he loved. He loved his wife too, he thinks. He looked for exciment and he found it. But was it more than he could handle? Could he turn back time and fix his marriage or will it be done for ever?

Briar Perry did an excellent job. No way i was going to put this book down. I need it to find out the outcome of the situation. I absolutely loved it❤

Enjoy The Walking Dead, World War Z, and Dawn of the Dead? Then you’ll love Hunger! Lies aren’t just dangerous. They’re deadly. John is a loving husband and father. He takes his daughter swimming every weekend. He tells her stories to coax her to sleep every night. He often buys his wife wine and bouquets of flowers… All to disguise the guilt. John is secretly living two lives. And this time, it’s going to bite him on the ass. Literally. He’s with his bit-on-the-side when victims of a deadly virus spill across the entrance of his hotel. Trapped, he has no way to get back to his family to protect them. Can he escape and get to them before it’s too late? Or will he remain trapped with his mistress? A mistress with a dark and sinister secret.

5. The Dark by Ian Caden’s

Quick but scary. This short story definitely make your heart race a bit. She was only 4years old, the dark wanted her bad but her parents wouldnt believe her. would there be anyone that could help her? dont read this before bed. The fact that this is a story based on true events makes it even more scary. Ian Cadena did an excellent Job at it, I would love to see it as a novel. please make it longer😉❤

“Then it stopped. Its head flowed around on its shoulders, as it seemed to have discovered the crib. It loomed there motionless, examining the small cage from across the room. Then Pat knew—it was looking for her.”

A true ghost story! Based on a real incident that the author’s mother experienced as a child.

It’s a snowy night in a spooky new house and Pat fears bedtime because when the lights go out a malevolent entity stalks The Dark!

5. Fat Free Nation by Naomi Downing

It was so refreshing to read something new, unique, exciting and mind blowing. The author Naomi Downing drags you into a new terrifying world where is against the law to be overweight. I couldn’t put this book down and left me wanting more. I hope there is a sequel 😍

This book is meant as a warning… Not an instruction manual.

Before we begin, let me tell you it is illegal to be overweight. Still with me? Good, now not only is it illegal to be overweight, but now all fast and junk food has been outlawed. If you are between the ages of eight and twenty-nine, and not following the law, you will be sent to a government run weight-loss camp. Trust me, this is not a camp you want to go to.

Twins Jenn and Will have been hiding very well, they grew up in a state run facility and ran away before anyone could send them to camp. Unfortunately, they could only run for so long. They have been caught and sent to camp. They never imagined just how bad life could get until they met Major, a sadistic man who runs the camp they’re sent to. 

What horrors do they see?

Can they get out alive?

You’ll have to read to find out their fate.

21 thoughts on “5 Most Scariest Book I Have Read

  1. The cover from “Hunger” already gives me chills. I really need to read it now! I think the scariest read I ever had was Mile 81 by King – which is a bit cliché but boy …. scary


    1. Thank you for this. I created this post for two things. One is to share love for the books I read and two to help indie authors get some recognition. They deserve it for their great books 🙂


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