Books I read that captivated me and touched my heart ❤️

The Hate U Give

Starr was a sixteen year old black girl who witness her best friend Khalil being shot and killed by a white cop during a traffic stop. Cop said Khalil had a gun but he was intact unarmed. Now Starr is being harassed by the cops but also the drug dealers from her neighborhood who don’t want her to talk. Now Starr must find her voice to get justice for her friend.


A Monster Call

Connor Is a young boy who is dealing with more than any boy his age should deal with. His mother is really ill, his grandmother and him don’t get along and have nothing on common. Nothing besides the love they both have for Connors Mother. He is being bullied at school and his father abandoned both him and his mother,got remarried and live far away. He wants it all to be over but his suffering makes a monster in him wake up. Maybe is his own anger, or maybe is grief but what ever it is it makes him face his deepest secrets and worst nightmare.


Between Shades of gray

Fifteen year old Lina was like any other Lithuanian girl. She was a happy teenager who loved her family, loved to paint and like boys. But one night her world as she knew it got turn upside down when solders from the Soviet army barged into her home and tear away her family and her from the life they knew. Separated from her father Lina, her little brother and her mom must stay together and be strong if they want to survive. Their only way of survival depended on Hitler.


Dear Martin

Justyce McAllister is at the top of his class at Braselton Prep, a predominantly white school. Although Justyce comes from a rougher neighborhood, he has never had trouble fitting in at Braselton, and even when things get tough, he has his best friend, Manny, by his side.

Nic Stone wastes no time diving into the meat of DEAR MARTIN; in the very first chapter, Justyce is arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and quickly shown the injustices of the law. Justyce is an informed young man and the situation is not unheard of for him, but he is shocked that a straight-A, Yale-bound student like himself could be arrested. After all, he’s nothing like the kids he grew up with!