Dark Tides by Candace Osmond

I had the privilege to meet the amazing Candace Osmond. She is the Author of what is now my favorite series of all time. The Dark Tides Series. I had read other books by her as well and so far everything I read from her I love. She is extremely talented and deserves to be known.

In this series, we meet Diana who after losing her mother move away from home trying to stay over. She was a chef and was in a very serious relationship but it all changed when her father dies and she had to go back home for the funeral. While looking through her father’s possessions she finds a bottle with a ship inside of it. The bottle fell and shatter transporting her back into the past where she meets Henry a handsome pirate that would change her life forever.

This series is full of adventures, love, heartbreaks, friendship, magic and of course mystery. If you are ready to be transported to a different era filled with tons of adventures you will love then you should definitely give this series a chance. You will fall in love with it😍❤️