I am not a serial Killer Review

I’m http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2544759401p

Holy hell book!!!! This book was simply amazing. John was a teenager boy who was fascinated by serial killer and dead people. Everyone around him called him and see him as a freak but they had no idea on the secrets he had hidden away. The Clayton Killer became a nightmare to everyone in that small town. But for John things were about to get worst, his world would be shattering at any moment and his own Demons would come out to play.

This book is like Dexter Morgan is mix with a supernatural force. It’s simply amazing. I didn’t wanted to stop reading it. If you want a book to keep you at the end of your seat I would highly recommend this one .

Review: It’s Not Over-DNF


Two women are caught in an escalating game of cat-and-mouse that leads to an explosive ending in this breathtaking psychological thriller from the author of a Necessary End and Don’t Try to Find Me.
You’ll have your deposit within seven business days, just like it says on Getaway.com. I’ve put through a refund to your credit card for the full amount, minus $200 to replace the sheets. I couldn’t get the stain out despite professional laundering and bleaching. . .
All Dawn wanted was to stay in a beautiful beach house with her husband, to live like money’s no object, for just one long weekend. Then Miranda, the home’s owner, has to send an e-mail like this, full of lies and the suggestion that Dawn’s so dirty, she needs to throw out her sheets. Someone needs to teach Miranda a lesson.
Beware of your “host”
I wouldn’t leave a review on Getaway.com at all, if I didn’t feel it was my civic duty to warn others . . .
Miranda cannot believe her eyes. Yes, she may be a doctor’s wife, but she needs the rental money from the beach house desperately. Someone needs to teach this Dawn a lesson.
Two very different women with one thing in common: Each one knows she’s right, and each is determined to win this battle of words and wills and (eventually) worse. Neither will yield, not before they’ve dredged up hidden secrets, old hurts, and painful truths that threaten to shatter the foundations of their lives.
Because it’s never really just about the sheets, is it?
This is not over.
This is so not over.

My Thought:

This book🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

I wanted to read something new. Something I hadn’t heard of before. Hoping I would discover something exciting. I’m not going to sit here and say it was horrible. It wasn’t. I just think it wasn’t for me. The few chapters I read where basically two women going back and forward throughout emails and to be honest I lost all interest in the story. Maybe it would be the one for you, who knows all I can say is it’s definitely not for me. So I wouldn’t recommend to my friends.

DNF- couldn’t finished at all!

Im not a serial Killer by Dan Wells

What I’m reading now. According to the guy at B&N is an excellent read. He said that is a kid that have kind of the same thinking of Dexter Morgan who play the part of a blood splatter expert with Miami Police Department by day and use this job to track serial killers. He was also a serial killer but didn’t thought of himself as one. Difference between Dexter and the kid in this book name John is that he works in the morgue with his mom and have no desire to kill yet. So far the book is really good. I will let you guys know more when I’m done with it. If you read it leave a comment letting me know your thoughts on it. 🙂

Books I read that captivated me and touched my heart ❤️

The Hate U Give

Starr was a sixteen year old black girl who witness her best friend Khalil being shot and killed by a white cop during a traffic stop. Cop said Khalil had a gun but he was intact unarmed. Now Starr is being harassed by the cops but also the drug dealers from her neighborhood who don’t want her to talk. Now Starr must find her voice to get justice for her friend.


A Monster Call

Connor Is a young boy who is dealing with more than any boy his age should deal with. His mother is really ill, his grandmother and him don’t get along and have nothing on common. Nothing besides the love they both have for Connors Mother. He is being bullied at school and his father abandoned both him and his mother,got remarried and live far away. He wants it all to be over but his suffering makes a monster in him wake up. Maybe is his own anger, or maybe is grief but what ever it is it makes him face his deepest secrets and worst nightmare.


Between Shades of gray

Fifteen year old Lina was like any other Lithuanian girl. She was a happy teenager who loved her family, loved to paint and like boys. But one night her world as she knew it got turn upside down when solders from the Soviet army barged into her home and tear away her family and her from the life they knew. Separated from her father Lina, her little brother and her mom must stay together and be strong if they want to survive. Their only way of survival depended on Hitler.


Dear Martin

Justyce McAllister is at the top of his class at Braselton Prep, a predominantly white school. Although Justyce comes from a rougher neighborhood, he has never had trouble fitting in at Braselton, and even when things get tough, he has his best friend, Manny, by his side.

Nic Stone wastes no time diving into the meat of DEAR MARTIN; in the very first chapter, Justyce is arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and quickly shown the injustices of the law. Justyce is an informed young man and the situation is not unheard of for him, but he is shocked that a straight-A, Yale-bound student like himself could be arrested. After all, he’s nothing like the kids he grew up with!

This heart of mine by C.C. Hunter

This Heart of mine completely took over my own heart. This is tge story of 17yr old Leah Mackenzie who was living her life with an artificial heart inside of a bookbag. Although she was scared, tired and sick she still try to leave her life to the fullest. She was told that because of her blood rype it would be almost impossible for a donnor to show up. But one day her life completely changed. Leah’s mother received a call telling her a heart has become available. The donor, a young boy who went to school with her and was rumored to have killed himself. But leah’s dream told her different. She had to track down the boys brother and tell him her suspicion.

Matt refused to believe his twin brother had killed himself. He was having nightmares that told him helis brother had been murdered. And when Leah track him down and told him about her dreams he knew he was right all along. After all two people cannot have the same dream.

Leah and Matt became very close during the time spent together looking for the killer. They fell for one another. Their relationship was cute and funny but could it last? Would Leah’s body fully accept a strange heart? Would they find the killer?

This book made me feel all kinds of emotions. I cry, laughed, got angry etc. It was a touchy subject for me because like Matt i have lost people i love. I also found out that this book was created based on a similar experience as Leah did with her husband. That made this book so much more special to me.